My Story Mansion Makeover Mod

The My Story Mansion Makeover Mod Apk is a match 3 puzzle game with a twist. You will not be solving the match puzzles only here in this game rather there are more interesting aspects of the gameplay of this game. But before telling you about them, I must tell you that the game features amazing colorful, and vivid scenes and designs.

Game Overview

My Story Mansion Makeover Mod Apk

My Story Mansion Makeover Mod Apk

This game can also be termed as a roleplaying game as here you will be playing and living the life of your character and you will unveil different aspects of her life. Yes, the character that you have in this game is a girl.

Now the game story is this your character is suffering from financial problems and nothing is going right for her. Losses, bad days, and unlucky events have surrounded her with no money in her pocket.

Suddenly one night she gets the news of her old Aunt April’s death. But what’s more interesting is that her Aunt has left her a fortune. And in that fortune, she had left her a gigantic villa.

So the game will begin from there ad your character will visit the villa but upon visiting it she notices that the villa is in damaged condition with everything destroyed. So now she has the task of renovating that villa with the help of her Aunt’s housekeeper.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Size 98 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 November 2022
Category Games
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My Story Mansion Makeover Gameplay

My Story Mansion Makeover Mod Apk

My Story Mansion Makeover Mod Apk

With an interesting set of features, this My Story Mansion Makeover Mod Apk stands tall in the category of the match 3 puzzles. In the above section, I told you how the game starts. But how you play this game will be discussed here

So you will be prompted to solve the puzzles by matching the same color or properties items on the puzzle board. And upon lining up all of them, you will collect different items that will be used for renovation purposes.

To solve the puzzles, collect items and money and go to your villa to see what your housekeeper asks you to do. Renovate your beautiful villa with amazing items and make it colorful as before.

My Story Mansion Makeover Features

My Story Mansion Makeover

My Story Mansion Makeover

Following are some of the fantastic set of features that the My Story Mansion Makeover Mod Apk offers for its players. So let’s have a look at them.

Solve The Puzzles

If you are a matching puzzle game lover then you don’t have to play any other game as here you will get plenty of matching puzzles and that too in match 3 style. Just match the common items and earn rewards.

Solve And Collect Items

This game is not just like any other ordinary matching puzzle game rather here when you match the different items, and score, you will get points as well as you get different items for your villa’s renovations. To solve and earn.

Own A Beautiful Villa

You will get a fortune from your aunt in this game and with that fortune, there is a beautiful villa. That villa has your dream rooms with luxurious washrooms to tons of different types of gardens. There is every sort of facility available in this villa that you need.

Renovate Your Villa

Once you get the villa from your aunt, then you have to make sure that it is in a good condition. You will work for it. Earning items and money and then investing them in your villa will also give you more points. You can buy different things and make the game more interesting.


If you don’t want your character to live a miserable life and don’t want the villa to be in a destroyed state, then you should download and renovate your villa in this My Story Mansion Makeover Mod Apk. So download it now and solve the puzzles.