Narcos Cartel Wars Mod

If you want to live in the world of crime and like the all-time famous Narcos crime series, then this one is for you. The Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk is a strategy game having the elements of gang warfare and cartel systems. You can become a leader of the destructive and undefeated cartel and live the life of a mafia boss.

Game Overview

Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk

Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk

If you are familiar with the narcos series then you must know that it was all about the crime world and drug syndicates. The theory or story plot you can say is just like that series.

Here you have to build a gang that is dominant over the whole city and you have to establish your own drug business that will run under the nose of the law enforcement agencies.

You have to learn how to run the operations just like the Narcos of Colombia. You have to recruit the most skilled and brave men and women in your gang. And later you have to train them to tackle any problem that will occur.

You also have to build a base for yourself from where the operation will be carried out. This base can be guarded by building different defensive towers as the main aim of this base is to carry out all the operations and this is where the food and other training activities for the gang will be carried out in the Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 112M
Updated on 21 June 2022
Category Games
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Narcos Cartel Wars Gameplay

Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk

Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk

You can expect similar gameplay to any of the strategy games has. The Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk starts with you have limited resources and you have to build your base. You will have different criminals having their mode of working, to recruit in your gang.

Your operations will need all different sorts of people having different skill sets. So the game has all of that. Expanding your crime is also the thing to do. For this purpose, the game agent will guide you with different tasks that you have to accomplish.

You can also make different alliances with your mates. These alliances will serve as trade and strategic partnerships for you. You can share weapons, help each other and find a way to fight with the opponents collectively.

Narcos Cartel Wars Features

Narcos Cartel Wars

Narcos Cartel Wars

The features of the Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk are given in the below section. Let’s infer it for more details about the game.

Take Down The Rival Gangs

The only hurdle in becoming the Mafia king is your rival gangs. Each one has its men and sources. You will have to take each one of them down or take them under your control by fighting with them and planning different traps for them. Once you are on a roll in eliminating these gangs, your fear and power will speak for themselves.

Gang Alliances

The game features a multiplayer mode. This mode is there for the alliances. You can easily ally with any of the gang of your friend. Later you can exchange some weapons while staying underground. You can also trade some of the precious stuff. If you are in a problem and under attack, you can send a message to your ally to help you in that situation.

Factories And Buildings

For a drug cartel to be successful the boss needs to ensure that it is self-sufficient in making his product rather than acting as a third-party supplier. So for that reason, you can easily build different factories in your area for the production of different products that you can sell in the underworld.

Recruitment Of Gangsters

Different characters like snipers, spies, delivery men, and speed racers are available for you to include in your gang. These people will be loyal to you and your cartel. So try to get the best people from them.


The Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk is a great game of crime that lets your make strategies at every point in the game. The game also has an alliance feature with which you can call for help and your friends will come and rescue you. So download it now and also ask your friends for it.