Paradise Island 2 Mod

The legendary hotel empire-building game is back again with its new version. Paradise Island 2 Mod Apk will provide you more and more fun with some previously updated and some newly added features.

Paradise Island 2 Mod Apk

Paradise Island 2 Mod Apk

This time this game with a new update will surely make you addicted to it once you start playing it. This game is all about building your hotel emperor on a sacred island where you have to build your hotel and restaurant business.

You have to implement those strategies that will put a huge impact on the crown attention towards your restaurants because there will be every type of crowd coming to your business you have to manage them all.

Building your hotel and managing it in such a way that it will be convenient for all types of the crowd will be the key success features for your business.

Additional Information

Name Paradise Island 2
Ratings 4.5
Version 12.12.8
Size 48 MB
Updated on 19 February 2022
Offered by Game Insight
Category Games
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Paradise Island 2

Paradise Island 2

Building Drawn

Build more than 300 buildings in a group that will collectively e in your hotel territory by doing so your hotel will be expanded over the vast area of the land thus will be accessible to every type of crowd.

As everyone wants to have the authority of ground floor so building more than 300 buildings in a drawn will make it more convenient to be used.

Improve Island

As the location of your hotel and restaurants will be on a sacred island, your first job before proceeding toward the building of the hotel will be to improve the living condition of your island.

Because if the living condition of the surrounding of the hotel will be pleasant there will be higher chances of more crowd will be attracted toward your hotel.

Because besides living in a hotel families will move outside of the hotel to the off location on the island so to make it more attractive and hyped for vacation give more attention to its cleanliness and maintenance.

Assemble Nature

Moving to an island to spend a vacation is mostly for exploring nature while maintaining the cleanliness over the island feeding and saving the animals and rare animals over your island.

If you will do more crowds will be attracted to watch the naturally occurring animals and the rare birds in the surrounding of your hotel.

To assemble nature, collect all naturally occurring resources to display them as a memorial in this way you will surely get much attention from the people thinking to live on our island.

Visit Other Islands

Visit the island of your friends to learn their hidden strategies of them. Visiting another island will let you learn how you can improve living conditions in the surrounding of your hotel on the island also you will learn the basic tactics of how to get the attention of the guests.


Take part in different competitions with your friends and the city manager, show them your built city and the number of the crowd you have collected so far.

With the highest number of crowd and the cleanliness in the surrounding of your hotel that is the maintenance of the scared island will increase your chances of winning the game.

Offline Mode

Also, Paradise Island 2 Mod Apk is available for offline mode too, you will never be required to have always the proper stable internet connection always, and you can still show progress in the development of the island even in the offline mode too.


Paradise Island 2 Mod Apk is all about rehabilitation and the development of the sacred island. Your every strategy will be implemented to get the attention of the crowd living nearby and visiting from the off-location.

Manage the building strategy of the island to create the hype that your island will be the best location to spend the vacations.