Power Rangers Mod

As the name suggests the game is about the fighting game of superheroes. Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod Apk is all about the fight among many superheroes’ characters.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod Apk

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod Apk

Every character will be loaded with many extra skills and power which can later be boosted up too by having energy drinks earned from the rewards.

Arena and solo mode of the game never let you down from getting bored of the game as everything including scenes and characters of the game has been defined in detail.

Most of all the graphics of Power Rangers Legacy make it worth downloading as compared to the rest of the fighting games.

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Ratings 4.0

79 MB

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Version 3.0.3
Updated on

18 February 2022

Offered by N Way Inc.
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Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

The main highlights and best features you can find in Power Rangers Legacy Wars Apkare mentioned below.

Real-Time Mode

Fight with other players in real-time one-on-one mode. You will have a player as the opponent and you will have to fight with that. Play with strategy and dodge your opponent.

If you win the fight you will unlock many arena modes with many iconic locations. If you fight in real-time mode it will let you boost up your fighting skills too.

Cheer up on the leaderboard with your highest scores and challenge others to make you defeat in on the leaderboard score.

Stunning Graphics

Experience the 3D graphics with mind-blowing visuals and iconic visuals. Every character has developed with much detail and in stunning graphics.

Graphics is supported with 3D live animation with makes the interface more interesting and catchy. The key success of the Power Rangers Legacy War Mod Apk is said to be its stunning graphics.

Iconic Rangers

After smashing up your opponent you will be rewarded with many coins and rewards which you can use later to unlock new characters.

80+ warriors will be waiting for you to join them as your team. Unlock those marvelous and super strong heroes first. Not only have the superheroes collected the villains too.


Once you collect your favorite hero go for the customization at once. A collected reward can be later used for the exchange of items.

Get your character a new wardrobe of superhero ranges in a variety of colors and also upgrade the weapons your character is carrying.

With customization, your superhero character will look catchier. Also, the upgrade will let it be stronger skills-wise.


Go for arena mode whenever you get bored in one on one play. Arena mode will let you fight in with your group of opponents.

Choose bets of teammates as your team and get charged on your opponents. Arena mode will have completely different graphics and animation thus giving the illusion of an entirely new game.


Earn as many rewards as you can. By doing so you will exchange more of your rewards and earn coins in buying new items and weapons for your character.

The upgraded weapon and character will let you fight and charge against your enemies with more confidence.


Team up with more powerful players of the game and make your team by sharing requests and by sharing cards.

Once you are done with recruited team add friends as your favorite, and always play a game with them whenever they are online.


The Power Rangers Legacy Wars although has based on a simple idea that is the fighting one. But what makes it different from the other games is its graphics and animation.

Along with the huge variety of multiple modes that will never let you get bored of the game. Its arena mode is one of its most adored features. Along with that with every new update, the game is being enhanced both graphics and features wise too.


Q: Is Power Rangers Legacy Wars available on the google play store?

Yes, its official version is available on the google play store.

Q: Is Power Rangers Legacy Wars is free of cost?

Yes, you can download both of its versions free of cost. No matter official one or the Modded one.

Q: Does Power Rangers Legacy Wars include in-app purchases?

Yes, it does include in-app purchases on unlocking new characters and weapons.

Q: How can we install the Modded version of Power Rangers Legacy Wars Apk?

Simply click on the mentioned link above it will directly start your installation.