Project QT Mod

Project QT Mod Apk has a simple and clear storyline. Where some scientists researched for the discovery of new worlds in the universe like black holes and galaxies.

Project QT Mod Apk

Project QT Mod Apk

But their research got new directions when instead of exploring the new world they accidentally discover some alien girls. Those alien girls are in the getup of beautiful girls.

And they start killing people on the earth and chaos starts on the earth. Everyone tries to get rid of those monsters but fails.

So a team of young beautiful girls on earth get together to compete against those aliens. Hence war starts when an army of girls is fighting against another army of girls. Use energy potions to make your fighting girls more strong to make those monster girls get defeated.

After reading the instruction perhaps you are familiar with the idea of the game as the developer of the game is Nutaku which is a well-known company for developing Animies action games.

Additional Information

Name Project QT
Developed By Nutaku
Size 52 MB
Version 10.0
Ratings` 4+
Updated on ` 16 May 2022
Category Games
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Project QT

Project QT

The main highlights and features of the project QT are mentioned below.

Get Prisoners

One of the most attractive features of Project QT Mod Apk is you can make monster girls your prisoner and later add them to your team.

Those prisoner girls will be in your control later and they will accept every command of you. By adding prisoners to your team will let you make your team stronger.

Along with it, your opponents will be divided into sub-teams and every team will have its commander. If you get success in killing their commander that team will be under your control.

As a whole team in your army to get extra points and rewards. You can use your prisoners for any of your purposes.

PVP Mode

Project QT Mod Apk is no doubt a real adventurous game that allows you to add your friends all around the world. This feature will let you play the game with your added friends.

Share your scores on daily basis with the rest of the game players. So add your friends and relatives as gameplay friends.


The game is loaded with many events no matter monthly or weekly basis take part in those events to make yourself prominent on the leader board.

These events will let you earn more rewards too along with adding many prisoners to your team to make it stronger.


Project QT is safe and secure to be installed on any android device. The users of the application have shown positive behavior towards the security concern of the application.

No matter if you are installing the Modded version or the official one the application is safe for every android based device.


One of the best features one can find on Project QT Apk is its graphics.  Every scene in the game is well developed along with the characters.

The detail of the character is well developed in that it fits with every scene of the game. The intense graphics make it worth downloading that will give you the fun of a real simulation game.

Mod Features

Its Modded version will let you earn as many rewards in the form of coins. Earned rewards will be used in an exchange of in-app items too.

Anime Characters

Characters in the game have Anime characters thus giving you the amusement of the animated movie along with the gameplay.


The Project QT Mod Apk is no doubt has highly intense graphics making the game worth downloading.

The game is based on a unique storyline thus clearing the purpose of the fight and war among different recruited armies at the start. So the purpose of the game is clear and detailed.


Q: Is Project QT free available on the google play store?

Yes, its official version is available on the google play store.

Q: How can we download the Modded version of Project QT?

If you want to download the Modded version instead of the official one then click on the above-mentioned link your installation will start automatically.

Q: Is the Modded version of Project QT safe to install?

Yes, the application has very positive reviews security-wise the users of the application are quite satisfied with the security concerns. Also, the application will not further ask you for any personal detail except the basic required one.