Race The Sun Mod

If you are feeling bored and want a game to pass your free time and relax your frustrated mind then you are at the right place. Today I will tell you about an amazing game named the Race The Sun Mod Apk and will provide a modified version of the game ready to be downloaded by you.

Game Overview

Race The Sun Mod Apk

Race The Sun Mod Apk

This game is an arcade game that you can play anytime and anywhere. The concept of the game is taken from the old arcade games where you play solo for the sake of high scores. You will play the game and beat your high scores in different game settings.

You will fly an aircraft in this game. You can fly the aircraft at any place as there are different flying environments available. Different planets and different outer space scenarios are there for you to fly your plane.

One thing to note here is that the aircraft that you will fly is not an ordinary aircraft. It runs on solar energy and that’s where things get interesting. Your plane takes its energy from the sun and the sun is setting in the game. So you must reach the finish line before the sun sets.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 134 MB
Updated on 12 December 2022
Category Games
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Race The Sun Gameplay

Race The Sun

Race The Sun

Controlling the aircraft is very easy here in the game as you can only use one finger to play the entire game. The plane in the Race The Sun Mod Apk flies automatically and you just need to control its direction to avoid all the obstacles that are in the sky.

There are only 2 rules in this game. The first is that your plane should not collide with any obstacle and the other one is to never slow down. You also need to follow the light and reach the ending points before the light goes down. In that case, your plane will crash due to no fuel.

Race The Sun Features

Race The Sun

Race The Sun

Below are some of the amazing set of features of the Race The Sun Mod Apk. So have a look at them now.

Follow The Light

Your plane takes its energy from the sun and it is run on solar power. So you must follow the light at all costs. This will give your plane more energy and more fuel so you can score more points.

Avoid The Shadows

Shadows will haunt you throughout your journey. And as your plane is run on solar power, if you leave the light and are caught up in the dark shadows, the game will be over for you as the plane can not fly in the shadows.

Race The Setting Sun

The sun is setting in this game. There is nothing that you can do to make it stop. You have a plane and you need to fly it and not only fly, you need to reach your destination before the sun sets. So race against time and the setting sun to complete all of your missions and challenges.

Avoid The Obstacles

The setting sun and dark shadows are not the only two things to worry about in this game. You will have many obstacles that will slow your speed if you collide with them. So you need to use your fingers to guide your plane and avoid any obstacles that you see in the sky.


This game is a very fun and addictive arcade game that you can play anywhere in your free time. The Race The Sun Mod Apk will relax your mind and you can earn lots of points there is no other competition of yours other than yourself. So what are you waiting for, hit the download button and enjoy flying your solar-powered aircraft.