Restaurant Story

One of the latest causal games offered by developed by Storm Studios. The reason, why it comes in the category of casual game, is it is a solo player. So the solo player lover is at the right place to enjoy themselves and to become pro from novices.

People who are good at cooking and dream to cook and try their recipes then Restaurant Story Mod Apk will let them fulfill their dream. With this game, you will be complete your dream of cooking delicious foods.

Restaurant Story Mod Apk

Restaurant Story Mod Apk

You can try any of your recipes. If you want to be a good chef but cannot try new recipes in real then you can try different types of food. You can be a great chef with this amazing game. Get ready for an amazing surprise and make your dreams come true.

The success of your recipe will be noted down right after the expressions of customers after having your food. You have to make sure that customers are happy after having food in your restaurant.

Additional Information

Size 27 MB
Total downloads 100 M+
Released by 15 March 2023
Updated on 15 March 2023
Developed by Storm Studios
Category Games
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Top Features

Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story

As we have discussed many areas of this game but still there are many areas to be discussed. We have summarized the main features of this game down below so you can get into the game easily.

  • MasterChef Recipe
  • Build Restaurant
  • Learn Marketing
  • Reward
  • User Interface
  • Graphics
  • New Experience

MasterChef Recipe

It comes with 100 MasterChef recipes making this game more interesting. It’s up to you that how you can modify those MasterChef recipes according to your won taste.

Build Restaurant

You can well design your restaurant to show your creativity to your customers. Make your restaurant well attractive that people feel attraction towards it’s and will visit more and more. You can decorate your restaurants with 100 items.

Learn Marketing

Marketing strategies will matter a lot for the publicity of your restaurant. Set the best prices to attract the customer with vest services. If your services will be great with lower prices then there are maximum chances of getting many customers.


You will get challenges on a daily and weekly basis too, on completion of challenges you will get rewards in the form of coins and gifts. Which you can use later for purchasing items for decoration or in unlocking new recipes.

User Interface

The user interface Restaurant Story Mod Apk is very user-friendly. All you have to do is to tap on the game icon and the game will start at once it will not take much longer time in showing splash etc.

Also, it will not require any pre technical skills or will not be controlled with difficult gestures.


Graphics if this game is well developed that it attracts the players easily. Once you get into the game you will be fond of it.

Even though most of the time solo games are not much adored by the players. But for this game, its graphics are the key feature of its success.

New Experience

Users will get to know about new experiences as far as cooking skills are concerned. One will be able to learn about new tricks and tops of cooking. You will find a huge range of ingredients that you can use later to try something new.

How to Play?

As mentioned in the features this game does not require any pre-technical skill. After taping the icon you will be directed to the home screen at once. Start cooking after taping on all ingredients you need. You will have everything under your hand add them to any pot and bake or cook whenever you are done with ingredients.

That’s all after baking or cooking serve your dish after doing your best garnishing so that the customer at your restaurant should like that. The success of your restaurants will depend on how happy your customers are.


As far as our suggestion and recommendation is considered we suggest Restaurant Story Mod Apk because of the storyline it has. This game got much popularity among players because of its graphics and main idea.

But as far as its Modded version is concern it has to break many limits which a user can experience in the official version.


Q: Does Restaurant Story Apk can be played with friends?

No, this game is based on a solo game idea and cannot be played with friends.

Q: Is Restaurant Story Apk can be downloaded from the play store?

Yes, its official version can be but for its Modded version, you have to click on the provided link on our website.