Riding Extreme 3d Mod

These days finding the best games for yourself is not a hard task. You just put the name or even select your favorite genre and different games will be shown to you. Among all of the amazing android games, sports games are popular, and what can be more amazing than racing games? The Riding Extreme 3d Mod Apk is also a game from this racing category that I recommend you to play. Note, here you will get unlimited money for free.

Game Overview

Riding Extreme 3d Mod Apk

Riding Extreme 3d Mod Apk

The Riding Extreme 3d Mod Apk is not a car racing game and it’s not even a motorbike bike racing game like Real Moto 2, rather this game is a mountain bicycle racing game where you will be riding different bicycles and leading your character to victory in many different races.

In this game, you will have a lot of options in terms of tracks and location. Deserts, forests, plain areas, hilly and mountain ranges, or even snowy hills are here for you where you can ride your cycle.

Plenty of cycles are available for you. Depending upon the money that you have in the game, you can unlock many bikes. Not only that, but you can also go for upgrades with your bikes like upgrading the speed or enhancing the braking system in the Riding Extreme 3d Mod Apk can give you a lot of edges.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Downloads 50,000,000+
Size 240 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 5 August 2022
Category Games
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Riding Extreme 3d Gameplay

Riding Extreme 3d Mod Apk

Riding Extreme 3d Mod Apk

This Riding Extreme 3d Mod Apk is not the price of cake to play. As the name extreme suggests, there lie different extreme challenges for you. Your bike will take mastery skills to be controlled in the difficult terrains and tracks of this game.

Alongside this, you will find yourself competing against 99 other players in the bike races. Controlling the bike and side-by-side racing against these players will make you sweat. But after playing c a couple of games, you can get used to the difficulty and things will get to turn on your side as you build the skills needed.

Riding Extreme 3d Features

Riding Extreme 3d

Riding Extreme 3d

Extreme racing conditions and amazing 3d graphics are the notable features of the Riding Extreme 3d Mod Apk. Other features of this game are listed in the below section.

Different Places To Race On

If you want diversity and always crave it, then this game satisfies your this need with its plenty of different maps and locations. Whether it is a snowy hill with trees all around or a hot desert with sandstorms causing a threat always, you can have the luxury of riding your bike in any of these locations. You just have to unlock them, but this modified version also solves this problem by including all the premium locations already unlocked for you.

Upgrade The Bike Parts

To be honest, no matter which bike you go for, it is not in its prime form in the game. You still need to do upgrades to make it better. So you can always upgrade the different parts of your cycle using your money. From increasing the speed to enhancing the brakes of the cycle, everything is possible.

Extreme Bike Races

You have a good bike and you know how to drive it. Then you should not wait and directly jump into the extreme bike races and race against the 99 different players from the world. Control your bike and speed it up to turn out as a winner of the competition.

Dynamic Weather Changes

You can expect a dynamic weather system in the game during the races. To put up a challenge for the players, the different tracks also come within match weather changes, where you don’t know when it will wait or snow.


Cycling is a healthy activity. Doing this in a game is also an entertaining task. So to get this joy, you can download the Riding Extreme 3d Mod Apk from our website and you will get unlimited gems and coins and all the bikes and locations unlocked for you.