Rise Of Kingdoms Mod

The Rise of kingdoms mod apk is a strategy-based kingdom building and ruling game. If you don’t know about such games, then a short introduction is that you have to start on empty land and you build necessary items and along your playing time you build and expand your kingdom fighting battles and wars with other kingdoms and your enemies.

Rise of kingdoms mod apk

Rise of kingdoms mod apk

In the Rise of kingdoms initially, you have an option to select a nation from 12 different civilizations to which you will be ruling over and commanding them to victory.

The civilization that you will choose will have its characteristics and history which you will be guided throughout the game.

Your task here is to build and expand your territories and build different sorts of agricultural and industrial types of buildings that would serve and help your people in daily routines. You have to collect resources and also do trade.

As the Rise of kingdoms, mod apk is a kingdom battle game so there will be battles going on in the game. You have to make a strong army and train them and equip them with the latest and lethal weapons so that they can defend their homeland. And also attack other nations to take control of their lands and capture their resources.

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Current Version
Requires Android
4.4 and up
Updated on 19 February 2022
Ratings 4+
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Rise of kingdoms

Rise of kingdoms

The best part about the Rise of kingdoms mod apk is that it has 12 different real civilizations of history to play with. All of these have real authentic people in the form of characters and you can play with different characters like Cengiz khan and Ottoman rulers.

The gameplay is very simple. You have to select the civilization you want to play with and then you will get land where that civilization was settled in real history.

The land has its different characteristics and so as the civilization itself. Like some civilizations were good at sea battles and some had great knowledge and some were great conquerors so it is the best strategic game so far.

You can build different buildings for your people and collect different resources. The command is in your hand so you have to make a plan and distribute different sorts of works to different people. All of the resources collected can be used either by another building or you can trade them.

You also have to make and train a huge army for yourself so that you can defend your land. The battles in the game happen in real-time so you must have a fully equipped army of yours.

You can also help your friends in the battles by sending your army into their battle or fighting for your dignity capturing the land in case of victory.


The addition of the real and great civilizations by the Rise of kingdoms mod apk makes it the best story-driven strategy-based kingdom war game. It has a very interesting set of features that can be described fully in this article. But for your convenience, I am listing down some of them.

Real-Time Battles

The game has real-time battles. You can join any battle according to your own free will at any time. The same is the case with other people also. So you must have a strong army to tackle any kind of situation. You can also send your army to help your friends in case if they need you.

World map

The whole world is available for your to conquer you just begin from the place of the origin of your civilization and can visit where ever you want.

Real civilizations

There are more than 10 different historic civilizations that you can choose from. All of these have separate features and living styles and battling methods. From the Vikings to the Mongols to the great armies of the great Ottomans, every civilization is available for you to play with.

Build Trade and Live

The command is in your hand and you have to build and collect resources. You can trade your goods in the market. Make a place for more people so that more resources could be collected. Lead your people and make them happy by winning the battles with your huge army of yours.


I am a huge fan of battle kingdom games. They provide a chance to unleash your strategic thinking which is a good exercise for the human brain. So in this regard, I found the Rise of kingdoms mod apk best game from this genre which you must try also.