Robot Warfare Mod

The world is advancing and everything is being digitized and new technologies are being made. The new talk in the town is the robots that have been around and a lot of work has been done in the robotic field in the past decade. They are helpful as we all know of the machines, but how would it be when these machines turn against humanity? To find out you need to download this Robot Warfare Mod Apk.

Game Overview

Robot Warfare Mod Apk

Robot Warfare Mod Apk

The game Robot Warfare takes place in the future where humans have replaced their everyday activities with machines and most commonly robots. Everything is doing well and good and life is happy for every person. But then suddenly something happens and the robots try to take over by going against humankind.

Over time, the situation gets worse and now the world is in destruction and the robots have gone into betrayal. Now you have to play this game in these situations and build robots of your own to fight against the evil ones as you do need help from the machines to defeat the machines.

But let me tell you that this game comes in a mode of 6vs6. Yes, a multiplayer game mode is there for you that can be played by adding 5 of your friends to your team and going into team battles to defeat the other team in close combat robot fights in this Robot Warfare Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Size 47.9 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 2 September 2022
Category Games
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Robot Warfare Gameplay

Robot Warfare Mod Apk

Robot Warfare Mod Apk

The Robot Warfare Mod Apk is a game that you can play in your leisure time and you won’t regret doing that. The game comes in the gameplay of 6vs6 where you have to be a team player to win the battles.

But if you are not a team player, no worries as the game will teach you that and you have to play as much as possible. There are plenty of robots with distant powers that you can have. 10 of these robots are free and ready to be used whereas the legendary and the most powerful robots are 15 in number that are locked and you have to have money to unlock them.

But the good news for you here is that in this modified version of the game you will get those 15 robots unlocked along with the different premium upgrades that you unlock manually in the original game.

Robot Warfare Features

Robot Warfare

Robot Warfare

The following set of features is the one that I like the most about this Robot Warfare Mod Apk. So I have listed them for you to check out.

10 Ready To Play Robots

To make things easy for you, the game comes with 10 ready-to-go robots for you. These 10 robots are enough for any beginner who is just starting as the same level of opponents will match with him. So a great feature if you don’t have the game money and just starting things off.

15 Legendary Robots

Once you are on a roll and winning games, your level will be increased. This will be the time when you will need to go for the legendary robots. These robots are locked and you have to use your money to unlock them. But they have immense power and sheer strength to wipe out their opponents from the battlefield.

First Person And Third Person Views

If you like to play in the first person view where you can get close visibility of your weapons and your opponent only, you have this luxury here. But if you are the ones who need to look at the bigger picture and want to know what is happening on the battlefield then you can always switch to the third-person view.

Robo Weapons

Each robot comes with a stock weapon of its own but is not limited to that only. You can always go for the customized options and equip your robot with a new and powerful weapon. But first, you have to see which weapon is compatible with which robot and then you are good to go.


The Robot Warfare Mod Apk is a game that will take you to the world of robots and you can experience what deadly machines can do and how it feels when these machines go against humanity. And as this game is a multiplayer game so you’ll need some friends to play with. So download it and also ask your friends to download the game.