School Of Chaos Mod

A very unique and MMORPG-based game, where the students of the school will be free to do whatever they want to. School of chaos Mod Apk is about survival.

School of Chaos Mod Apk

School of Chaos Mod Apk

The teachers of the school are gone are probably eaten by the zombies, now the kids are free to move and have fun. But that sounds strange because in presence of a teacher bullies stay behind but now in their absence, they will do whatever they want to.

Along with that, there will be danger of zombies every time. Survive in the most chaotic situation. You will have to suffer on your own by fighting with many enemies at the same time.

Additional Information

Size 95 MB
Ratings 4.0
Version 1.802
Total Downloads 10 M+
 Developed by VNL Entertainment Ltd
Updated on 19 February 2022
Category Games
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School of chaos

School of chaos

The main features and highlights of the School of chaos are mentioned below.

  • Online Game
  • Quest Maker
  • 3D world
  • Customization
  • Fighting Moves
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Clan
  • Shopping
  • Upgrade
  • Gestures
  • Compatibility

Online Game

Being an online game you will have the authority to add hundreds of players from around to world to play with you.

You can add layers to those online players, after that play with them whenever you see their active status. This is the best way to make new friends online.

Quest Maker

Make your quest that makes your war mode where you will add your online friends where you will provide the environment to play against you and many other players.

3D world

Once you get onto the game you will have many authorities that are authorities like making your 3D sandbox where you can play and fight with the rest of the players.


Customize your character with multiple accessories and wardrobes. You will have a free hand to customize your character and purchase new items for your character.

Fighting Moves

More than 30 fight moves will be charged to the character. Use any mover according to the situation you are facing in the game.

Upgrade Equipment

Upgrade your weapon for the fight. Every time you will be facing a new foe with the most upgraded weapons and you have to make your character ready to tackle any situation.


Make your clan or join a clan around the world.


Go shopping, shop for new wardrobes and weapons. On the completion of every task, you will be awarded coins so you can exchange those later while shopping.

Along with getting the new wardrobes variety, weapons and accessories you will free hand to buy pets for your character too.

By doing so your characters will look more attractive and well maintained. This small-sized application has hundreds of best features.


The School of chaos Mod Apk is under development and developers are considering the need of the players and are adding all those features which are actually, loved by the users. So with every update users found this game to be updated according to their desire.


The game has easy gestures to be controlled by the user. Even the newbie has found this game easy to play for the first time also.


Although the game is well developed and has all those features that one can find on any high-end game, still this game has compatibility for almost every android based device having the requirement of android version 4.2 and above.


School of chaos Mod Apk is very unique MMORPG experience. You cannot find the experience of this game anywhere. Along with this, the developers are still working on the updates of this game, thus making sure to fulfill the need of the users.

Developers are trying to make this game a completely multi-player online game thus giving the feel of any high-end game. No doubt this is one of the most played games with high numbers of active users.


Q: Is School of chaos Apk is free of cost to download?

Yes, the game is free to download on any android based device.

Q: Is School of chaos Apk is available on the google play store?

Yes, the game is available free of cost on the google play store.

Q: Can School of chaos be played offline? 

No, being an online multiplayer game you will be asked to have stable internet connectivity every time you open this application.