Sierra 7 Mod

If you are someone who loves to play tactical mission games and want to roleplay as an anti-terrorist special squad, then your best chance is here. Yes, I am talking about the Sierra 7 Mod Apk. This game will test your tactical and strategic fighting capabilities and how you react to different situations.

Game Overview

Sierra 7 Mod Apk

Sierra 7 Mod Apk

This game is somewhat like the all-time famous game call of duty. But the fact that call of duty is a high-quality extreme graphics game and this game is more closely related to minimalism.

This game brings endless 12 hours long gameplay with tons of missions and challenges for you. The Sierra 7 Mod Apk comes with different missions where you will be working for a special crime branch and your tasks will vary from killing different thugs to carrying out secret operations against some of the most dangerous terrorists.

Lastly, if feel like you need a high-end graphics game then this Sierra 7 Mod Apk is not going to fulfill your desire. But if you want a hardcore tactical fighting game, then this is your best chance.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Size 123 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 29 October 2022
Category Games
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Sierra 7 Gameplay

Sierra 7 Mod Apk

Sierra 7 Mod Apk

This game has all of the different real-life weapons that you see in the real world. From the different types of SMG guns to different rifles and snipers. You also get short-range guns. This variety has been put in only to ensure that you get every weapon that supports your strategy.

You will also be taken to different locations for the sake of different missions. Sometimes you will be traveling to deserts and sometimes there will be abandoned buildings. But your ultimate goal is to kill every person who causes chaos.

Sierra 7 Features

Sierra 7

Sierra 7

Let’s not end this article without discussing the features of the Sierra 7 Mod Apk.

Work For Peace

As you are a member of a special squad who is working for the betterment of people so your main targets and enemies will be the most dangerous terrorists who are also enemies of peace. So you will fight with them and will make sure that peace is established.

Don’t Let The Hostages Die

When you will be doing missions for yourself in the game you have to make sure that none of the hostages gets killed. As these hostages are your red lines. You have to save them at all costs. If during your operations any of the hostages die, your game will be over.

Complete 13 Different Missions

When you play this game your entire gameplay has been divided into 13 different types of missions. Now, these missions are not so short and you have to spend hours doing them. On average one mission will take about 40 to 50 minutes. So real tactical and strategical thinking is required to play and win in this game.

A Game Of 12 Hours

As discussed above that the entire game is divided into 13 different types of missions each 40 to 50 minutes long, so this makes this game 12 hours long.


If you are a fan of minimalism and love tactical fighting games and are good at making strategies, so this game is going to provide you with both of these options. So don’t miss this amazing chance and download the Sierra 7 Mod Apk right now.