Smashing Four Mod

Being based on the fighting game the game is adored by its player. Smashing Four Mod Apk has the highest number of downloads and active users, and the reason is the simple idea on which the game is based.

smashing four mod apk

smashing four mod apk

In the game, you will not be asked to only make the fight with opponents but you will have to accomplish many other tasks related to card collection, unleashing your character’s power.

The game is easy to understand too, and will not require any pre-gaming pro skills. In short, the Smashing Four Apk has many features under one platform. Also, you will get unlimited Gems and Money.

Additional Information

Name Name
Developed By Geewa
Updated on 19 February 2022
Released on 29 Jan 2018
Size 130 MB
Ratings 4.2
Category Games
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smashing four Hack

smashing four Hack

Some of the main highlights of Smashing Four Apk have been mentioned below so stay tuned.

PVP Mode

Play I PVP Mode and in a real-time environment, take as much real-time entertainment you can.  PVP mode makes this game quite crazy for fighting games lovers.

Card Collectible

Collect as many cards as you can, collecting multiple cards will not only let you win the game but you will find many surprises with the cards.

Dual Players

You can add any player from the contact to play the game as a dual player-based. Playing in a dual players-based game will not create any mess and you will play no matter win or lose in the fairway.


Collect your award at the end of Arena, if you win then the award can be in the form of a card with which you can unleash new characters.

Unlock Heroes

Unlocking heroes from the card is the best reward from the Arenas, if you win and use your card maybe it will let you have new super characters with new powers.

Upgrade Heroes

Upgrade the unleash characters from the cards, sometime card will let you add some new powers to the unlocked character. If you do so your character will play and smash your enemy with great power so you can win easily.

Smash Opponent

Smash your opponents with greater power, your victory will depend upon the number of enemies you have smashed in unit time.

Challenging Mode

The challenging mode is one of the best features of the game so far, if you want to fight in a more challenging mode then you can add your, friends, in the challenging mode and can find and give them a tough task.

Create Clan

Create your own clan or join the existing ones.

Share Cards

If you have a duplicate card and you are no more in need of that card you can share it with your friend, in return you can have any card from them you are actually In need of.

Hence sharing cards will let you make more friends in the game and unleash more characters and powers from the shared cards.


Chat in the battleground with the rest of your friends, you can chat with them if you want to mock them or if you want to play more collaboratively then you can use the chat option so.


Characters you will find in the battleground will not be superheroes you have tired of seeing, the characters of the games have been well developed.

These small and tiny characters get the attention of the players and they look super adorable while playing and fighting with the rest of them.


The interface of the Smashing Four Mod Apk has kept so easy and clear to understand that it will not as you for any pre technical skill.

Gestures will be controlled through the screen and that is quite amazing to make your character run and fight from the same screen.


smashing four

smashing four

No doubt this is the best fighting game with adorable characters so far, this game has been adored by the players so far because of the graphics and characters t has.

We suggest you Smashing Four Mod Apk for playing to get rid of the boredom because of being light weighted and its compatibility with android based devices.


Q: Is Smashing Four is free to install?

Yes, this game is available on the google play store and is free to install.

Q: Is Smashing Four is safe for our devices?

Yes, this game is safe and proven, hence it is available on the google play store.