Snake Rivals Mod

During childhood times we all had at least one Nokia phone in our homes and on that phone, we always had a snake game that was one of our favorites and we played it for an endless amount of hours on our phones. Today theĀ  Snake Rivals Mod Apk comes with the same gameplay concept but with a modern touch in graphics and visual elements.

Game Overview

Snake Rivals Mod Apk

Snake Rivals Mod Apk

We always loved the snake game that we used to play on different phones. The Snake Rivals Mod Apk game is no exception to that. Here you’ll have to control the snake the same like the old days but with a modern touch. Yes, there is a surprise for you in this game.

This game comes with a multiplayer mode where you’ll have to play in the battle royale style. Yes, the matches will consist of different players on the map with different snakes. And all of them thrive to eat all the apples on the map. You eat apples you grow. Simple as that. The more you grow the more points you get.

But this is where things get interesting. You can be eliminated by other players and they can be eliminated by you also. And how this is done So this can be done simply by hitting your body with the head of the other player’s snake. When a snake’s head is touched with the body of the other snake in the Snake Rivals Mod Apk, that snake is eliminated. So try to avoid this collision at any cost.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Downloads 10,000,000+
Size 172MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 22 October 2022
Category Games
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Snake Rivals Gameplay

Snake Rivals Mod Apk

Snake Rivals Mod Apk

This game, the Snake Rivals Mod Apk is a 3D multiplayer snake game. You’ll be fighting against the other snakes for your survival. In the quest, if survival you’ll also have to eat as many apples as you can. The more you will eat the more you’ll grow. But keep in mind, as you grow in size the game will become hard from there.

The multiplayer mode is not the only mode for you here. Instead, you can always rejoice in the moments of your childhood by playing the old-school snake game mode here. Where you’ll be alone and you’ll have to eat and grow and play endlessly and break your records.

Snake Rivals Features

Snake Rivals

Snake Rivals

There are many amazing features of the Snake Rivals Mod Apk that it has to offer its players. I’ll be listing down a few below. Check them.

Unlock Various Snakes

The game can’t get better than this. It gives you a complete set of different snakes to play with. Yes, the game has tons of snakeheads for you. These heads are of different animals like lions, dogs, elephants, deer, etc and you can always unlock them with your coins and play with those snake head characters.

Time In Gold Rush

There is a mode in this game that is termed a gold rush. The mode is a multiplayer mode and has a timer in it. You with your snake have to eat as many items as possible and survive till the end in the given amount of time. The player that collects the maximum items in that given time will be declared a winner of the competition.

Snake Battle Royale

There is another amazing multiplayer mode of this game. This mode takes you to. Battle royale arena where you’ll have to eat and survive. There will be plenty of other snakes all trying to survive and eat. You can eat and kill the other snakes with your body and gather some extra kill points from them.

Kill Other Snakes

The game not only allows you to eat apples and grow in size and earn points and currency, but you’ll also get the chance to kill the other snakes in the arena. You can always strike for the head of the snake with your body and once you do that, you’ll easily get killed off that snake.

Play Offline In Old Style

If you don’t have an internet connection and want to play the game you can do that by going into offline mode and playing the game in the old style for endless hours. Grow as big as you can and survive for the longest period. Here you are your only competition and you can beat your records.

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The Snake Rivals Mod Apk game is for you if you want to rejoice in all the moments of your childhood. You will get amazing 3D new graphics in a modern style. And the game setting is old-style with an added feature of multiplayer mode. So don’t miss out on this game and download it right now