Stick Tennis Mod

If you are a fan of tennis and would like to play it in stickman style then you can download the Stick Tennis Mod Apk and enjoy an amazing stick tennis game. This game has plenty of courts where you can play and more than 70 different characters are available. More details are given below.

Game Overview

Stick Tennis Mod Apk

Stick Tennis Mod Apk

If you are someone who loves and is fascinated by the concept of stickman games, then today is your day as all the tennis fans are going to get really amazing tennis playing games on their mobile phones.

This game has 8 different types of game modes for tennis fans. You can play a quick game or a tournament. If you are experienced enough and know how to play professionally, you can start a world-domination mode and compete against the greats.

The game also has daily challenges and missions that can give you trophies. An arcade career mode has also been added that you can play and there you will be playing in plenty of different levels.

Different types of tennis courts and different types of balls and rackets are available to the players in this game. You can easily start the game and dominate it with a flick of your fingers. So don’t waste any much time and hit the download button.

Additional Information

Requires Android
7.0 and up
Size 40 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 7 November 2022
Category Games
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Stick Tennis Gameplay

Stick Tennis Mod Apk

Stick Tennis Mod Apk

Pretty simple gameplay is there for the players. A simple flick of the fingers is needed to hit the ball while you are playing. Apart from that you can also use your fingers and slide to do the movement.

A solo playing match is also available along with the option to play in a team mode. The choice is yours in this game. Selecting the best player is what you should eye on, but as the legendary players are locked, so you need XP and money to unlock them. Play more and earn more and unlock more items.

Stick Tennis Features

Stick Tennis

Stick Tennis

Want to know more about the Stick Tennis Mod Apk, then read the fantastic features of this game below.

Stickman Experience

Those of you who are only interested in stickman games and have played a lot of them will find this game even more interesting. You are going to play this game and get the amazing feeling of stickman-styled graphics. And there is no need to talk about how amazing these stickman-styled games are.

Unlock Tennis Courts

The game takes you to places. And different places have different types of courts. Starting with the default tennis court, you can advance further in the game and unlock other tennis courts also.

70 Different Players

To give you a more entertaining experience the game has the option to play with 70 different types of legendary players. Different players have different strengths and different playing styles but you need to first unlock them in order to use them.

Play In Many Game Modes

If you get bored by one of the game modes of this game, then you can play the other one and if you get bored by the other one too you can have the luxury of playing tennis in 8 different game modes. From quick play to career mode and from career mode to world domination, all are available for you.


Anyone who wants to taste the real thrill of stick tennis and wants a great fun game needs to hit the download button and download this amazing Stick Tennis Mod Apk. It has some extra unlocked items for you so don’t wait and find them out by downloading the game.