Stickman Battle 2021 Mod

If you are familiar with stickman games then you know how interesting these games are. And there are enough of these games to cheer you up. The one amazing game is this Stickman Battle 2021 Mod Apk and more details about it will be given below.

Game Overview

Stickman Battle 2021 Mod Apk

Stickman Battle 2021 Mod Apk

This stickman-styled game is all about nerves and mindset. Here in this game, you will be fighting with not one, not two, and not ten but an army of hundreds of stickmen don’t get too worried as you would also be having the same amount of stickmen in your army.

Being a quest-based game, this game offers you more than 500 challenges to fight in and complete. So each challenge in this game comes with a different sort of approach and difficulty.

Thus every time you jump into the battle, there is going to be a different type of enemy and a different type of task waiting for you to be completed. So don’t miss out on this chance.

Additional Information

version 1.0.1
Size 84M
Required Android 4.4 and up
Downloads 1000
Ratings 4
Updated On 9 January 2023
Category Games
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Stickman Battle 2021 Gameplay

Stickman Battle 2021 Mod Apk

Stickman Battle 2021 Mod Apk

When you play this game you get 500 challenges but do you know that you have plenty of different sorts of character classes of stickman here?

I bet you don’t know that this game has a whole archers group, wizards group, swordsmen group, giants group, etc. And all of these can be added to your stickman army. This will also make things more interesting as you will then need to use all of them in your army and deploy them according to the strategies.

Stickman Battle 2021 Features

Stickman Battle 2021

Stickman Battle 2021

Let’s jump directly into the features of the Stickman Battle 2021 Mod Apk.

Endless Fun With 500 Challenges

If you want to just play a very long game and don’t get bored then this game will help a lot with its more than 500 challenges. Now, these challenges are not just 500 in number. All of them are very different from one another and all of them are going to be difficult.

Different Stickman Troops

As the army in this stickman game is huge so there are plenty of different troops of stickman that can be added to the army. These troops include archers, swordsmen, spears, giants, miners, and wizards. They all have different superpowers and special abilities so using them with strategy can win you games.

Daily Login Gifts

This is an amazing advantage of playing this game. Here you will get a different sort of gift every day if you login into the game. This gift can range from an entire stickman to its costumes and weapons.

Upgrade Abilities

As every stickman class in the game is different from the other one so their abilities are also very much different. You can upgrade the special abilities and power attributes of these characters and make them more powerful.

Powerful Stickman Weapons

This game also provides you with a bunch of powerful stickman weapons. The best part about it is that all of these weapons are according to the different character classes. Like archers have their own set of weapons, spears have their own weapons, wizards have different spells and all of them are very powerful, and yet you can upgrade them to the next level.

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Mostly the graphics of the stickman games are similar. Not to mention we have tons and tons of stickman games with similar theories and graphics. But every time a new game comes in the excitement level rises. The same is the case with this Stickman Battle 2021 Mod Apk. You can download the game from the above link and enjoy some free perks.