Stone Giant Mod

People love to play action and adventure-style games as they provide a way to escape boredom and if you are here today, then it means you are also in search of a great action and adventure game. So today in this article we will discuss an amazing game, named the Stone Giant Mod Apk.

Game Overview

Stone Giant Mod Apk

Stone Giant Mod Apk

The Stone Giant is a game where you can do anything. And by anything, I mean anything from stealing cars to killing people and killing people to using weapons to cause terror.

So up till now, you must have guessed the exact genre of this game and it is truly a crime simulation game just like the GTA games. But this game brings something interesting for the players.

The game comes with two different playing modes. These modes are the powerful being mode and a simple human mode. If you select to play the simple human mode then you have to live a life of a simple man with no powers or fear.

You can explore the city as a normal person, go to shops, do different jobs and earn money. You can use weapons if you like and steal cars if you want in this simple human mode.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Size 122 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 12 December 2022
Category Games
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Stone Giant Gameplay

Stone Giant Mod Apk

Stone Giant Mod Apk

As I told you that the Stone Giant Mod Apk features 2 different game modes and you have known about the simple human game mode. But the other game mode is where you get extreme strength.

If you chose to play in this game mode then you will get a lot of power and people will fear you. You can do anything you want. Killing people and robbing banks is not difficult for you. But this mode is hard as you will have many enemies from the rival gangs and you have to be aware of them.

Stone Giant Features

Stone Giant

Stone Giant

Let’s now talk about the features that the Stone Giant Mod Apk brings to the party. So read the below section for the features of this game.

Customize Your Character

This game comes with tons of options where you can customize your character. You have different skins for your hero and there are different clothes and accessories with which your character’s look can be customized.

2 Different Game Modes

With the 2 different game modes, your approach towards this game changes. One mode prompts you to play as a normal human having no power at all, while another game mode allows you to gain control of the city and do whatever you want. You have different power in this mode and people fear you.

Steal The Car You Like

No matter which game mode you are playing in, you will always get the freedom to steal any car you want. You don’t have to buy these cars. You can simply pick them up from the roads or grab them from their owners.

Use Plenty Of Weapons

As you are a gangster so you must carry weapons with you for your safety. There are different weapons in this game that can be used for different game levels and missions. So you must know how to use them.

Explore The Open World City

If you get bored by doing all of the missions then you can play freely as you like. You can travel to the city and explore it on your own. It is your own choice whether you want to explore it as a gangster or a good citizen. So the game gives you the freedom to play as you like.


You will come across many actions and adventure games but none are like this Stone Giant Mod Apk. It has gained popularity from the time it was released and people are loving its gameplay. So if you don’t want to stay behind, you have to download the game and play it as you like.