Super Boxing Championship Mod

Sports is one thing that many people love and like to play. No matter what sort of sport is, everyone has their preference. There are tons of boxing lovers out there who want a cool and enjoyable boxing game. So this Super Boxing Championship Mod Apk is the game designed for them.

Game Overview

Super Boxing Championship Mod Apk

Super Boxing Championship Mod Apk

The Super Boxing Championship is an arcade-styled boxing game designed for people who are into this sport of agility, strength, and stamina. Now this game is offline to play so you can always play it where ever you want.

As the game is arcade-styled so don’t expect some heavy graphics detailing work from it. But what you can expect is that you’re getting extremely cool and realistic game mechanics.

Yes while playing the game you won’t notice that it is a below-average game. Rather it gives your tough competition while you play most of your matches against different opponents in different boxing arenas around the world.

Talking about the game of the Super Boxing Championship Mod Apk, then my friends you’ll get mainly two main modes of play. The first one is the story mode where you have to build a career for your character and the other game mode is just the quick games that you can play anytime.

Additional Information

Varies with device
Requires Android
4.2 and up
Size 88 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 9 November 2022
Category Games
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Super Boxing Championship Gameplay

Super Boxing Championship Mod Apk

Super Boxing Championship Mod Apk

Not all games are meant to have good and high-quality graphics. Some have a strong point in other areas as well. The strong and selling point of the Super Boxing Championship Mod Apk is its game mechanics that give you real feels and vibes of boxing with average graphics under the display.

The controls of the game are very simple and every button for a separate and specific action has been put there on the screen for you to use easily. Different boxing actions and moves like an uppercut, defend, knock out, etc are available for you to use on your opponents.

Super Boxing Championship Features

Super Boxing Championship

Super Boxing Championship

There are some amazingly designed features of the Super Boxing Championship Mod Apk that I would like to share with you people below.

Build A Boxing Gym

Training is a necessity for any boxer. It increases the power, strength, stamina, and agility of a boxer. And what’s the more suitable place to train other than a gym? So in the game, you’ll get the chance to train your boxer in a gym that you will make. Yes, you can design your gym according to your liking of yours.

Customize The Boxer

As you will play the game and move to the later stages you’ll notice that your boxer is becoming a superstar among the people. So to always look good you can customize your boxer’s appearance with different clothing items and accessories available in the store.

Boxing Career In Story Mode

This game of boxing also gives you a chance to build a career for your character from level zero. This is what the game is all about. Just select the character that you like, and then dive into the game. Fight with different opponents, upgrade and train your boxer and win fights to gain more XP and move above the ranks in your career.

A Quick Match Is What We All Need

A quick match is what we all need not a phrase or a marketing line. It is the game mode that I am talking about. Yes apart from just taking part in the career mode and playing the long story of your character, you can also go and quickly have some fights. Here the characters can be different and you can also select the opponents and difficult levels. The fights will be quick and you can play many of them.

What’s New?

  • New Quickplay Mode
  • 12 unique backgrounds
  • Now fully customize character
  • Game settings and special custom rules

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Once your start playing the Super Boxing Championship Mod Apk then there is no going back and if you are already a boxing fan, then you’ll love this game. All of the game mechanics are the justification for the simple graphics and easy control options are a plus here. So don’t wait and download the game now.