Superhero Mod

If you ever wanted to be a hero and save people using your supernatural abilities then here is your chance to become one. The Zombie Frontier 4 Mod APK is an open-world action-packed game that allows you to become a superhero in just one day. You can do anything you want here in this game.

Game Overview

Superhero Mod APK

Superhero Mod APK

There are now plenty of beautifully designed action games with the most interesting gameplay. But nothing is enough for gamers. We people want more. So today I bring you an amazing action-packed superhero game.

Here in this game, you have to become a superhero and fight against evil for the world. You will start with your city. The missions that have been assigned to you, will make you kill all the evil powers that destroy the peace of your city.

Afterward, you can move to other villages and other cities to take care of the bad ones there. Using your special powers is your own choice. You can also use many sorts of different weapons if you like. Cars are available in abundance and you can drive whichever car you want. Helicopters and other fighting vehicles are also there to make use of.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 85 MB
Updated on 25 November 2022
Category Games
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Superhero Gameplay



In the Superhero Mod Apk, you get a whole open world map on which you can go where ever you want and save whomever you like. You can fly to many different places or walk barefoot. There are cars and flying gets available that you can use for transportation purposes.

Doing missions and tasks and following up on the storyline will make you stick to the game plan. But whenever you feel bored you can just go out and explore the map all by yourself. Go to many different places and enjoy the scenic beauty of the area around you.

Superhero Features



The game is not just about being a superhero for one day, it has many more things to offer. So below are some of the features of the Superhero Mod APK that you should check out.

Save The World

What do superheroes do? They save humanity from evil powers. So here in this game, you will be a superhero having the job to save the world. But the world is a vast place to save. So to make things a bit easy for you, you will start by saving your city and then you will move to other cities and towns as well.

Fight With Evil Powers

There are many evil powers in your city and other cities. They are criminals trying to destroy the peace of the world. Now it is your job and your responsibility to take care of them and fight with them. You can use your methods but the result needs to be the same and that is the eradication of these bad guys.

Customize Your Avatar

Your hero has a nice-looking suit and a pretty build-up body. You can customize his appearance later in the game by clothing him up with different other suits and changing his overall appearance.

Use Guns And Cars

Not only your superpowers are lethal but there are plenty of guns that you can use. You have all of them unlocked in this version of the game. Similarly, for transportation purposes, you have many different cars that you can use and drive across the city.


To be honest this is one of the best open-world superhero games you can play on your smartphone. The Superhero Mod APK has some well-designed missions to support your gameplay and the city is always available if you want to explore it. So download the game now and enjoy playing.