Survival City Mod

This game, the Survival City Mod Apk comes from the category of modern survival and strategic idle games where you have to live among the threats of zombies and make a healthy environment. Fighting with zombies, living among them, and carrying out different life activities is what you will be doing here in the game.

Game Overview

Survival City Mod Apk

Survival City Mod Apk

The game is all about how you deal with zombies. No hardcore shooting and mass killing of zombies are required here in the game. You only need one thing and that is smart work.

This game has a theory. The time is divided into two phases. The first is daytime and the second is nighttime. Now unlike other games where the zombie fighting goes on an entire day, this game brings a different perspective.

During the daytime, there are no zombies and you just have to build and craft and live happily. In the daytime, you also have to set up military basis and form strategies for the night.

The night is dark here in this game. This is the time when zombies and other deadly creatures attack you and try to destroy your buildings. You have to wake up and kill those zombies to save yourself and your people from the infected ones.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Size 71MB
Ratings1 4+
Updated on 28 January 2023
Category Games
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Survival City Gameplay

Survival City Mod Apk

Survival City Mod Apk

Now coming to the point where you will know that this game has over 60 different types of characters. All these characters have different skill sets in the Survival City Mod Apk game.

You also have the availability of hundreds of weapons to aid you in the fights against the zombies during the nighttime. Moreover, these zombies are very smart, they improvise after each attack so be careful while dealing with them.

Survival City Features

Survival City

Survival City

Following are some of the options or features that you can expect from the Survival City Mod Apk. So let’s check them below.

Daytime The Happy Time

According to the dynamics of this game, the daytime is the time when you will be free from all sorts of tensions. You have to build, craft, grow crops, and work for the betterment of your colony or the kingdom. No zombies will ever come near you when the sun is out. So chill.

Gather An Army

While you are living a happy life during the day, you can not rule out the truth of the zombies. For that purpose and to deal with them, you need to fight with them using your army. So gather the strongest men and give them weapons to fight.

Night Is Scary

The nighttime is a big deal in this game. Zombies wait for the sun to set so they can come and destroy everything that they have been doing the entire day. This also includes infecting you, men. So you have to stay awake and kill them when they come.

Plenty Of Different Weapons

And don’t get worried about these zombies as the game provides tons of different weapons that you can use. You can unlock them, or craft them using different raw materials that you find. So no need to worry.

Clever Zombies

Zombies in this game are very clever. They come in hordes and once you defeat them, they analyze your style and improvise next time. So next time you get a different version of zombies stronger than the next time. So don’t be too predictable.

What’s New?

  • The game is updated to the latest version 2.3.6
  • Bug Fixes


The game is all about how you live and how you fight. Both things will go in parallel in this Survival City Mod Apk game. You have to keep the balance between the time during the day and the events that happen during the night. So download the game and enjoy.