TapTap Heroes

There are many RPG battle games available on the google play store but among those, all TapTap Heroes Mod Apk is one of the most downloaded games ever.

TapTap Heroes Mod Apk

TapTap Heroes Mod Apk

The game is unique with HD graphics and the character in the game is well developed. Every feature of the game has its uniqueness.

From progression in the battle from enemy side to automatic tap to defeat them is the main highlight of the game.

Being light-weighted it will not bother any of the users about storage issues, the loading of the game will be super-fast so you will not have to wait long for the loading of the game.

Additional Information

Name Tap Tap Heroes




Size 96 MB
Updated on 19 February 2022
Developed by Ajoy Lab Game
Category Games
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TapTap Heroes

TapTap Heroes

The main features and highlights of the game are mentioned below.


Enjoy this highly addictive game by just tapping on the screen, once you will continue tap on the screen it will help you defeat the progression of the enemies on the battleground.

The progression of the enemies will always be ready to defeat you in the battleground so you have to tap as quickly you can to enjoy this RPG genre-based game.

Idle Game

If you do not want to tap on the screen again and again and are much lazy to do so, just log out of the game for 7 hours, it will let you defeat the progression of the enemies automatically.

So if you ever feel lazy for taping, make your account log out of the game your progression in defeating the army will increase automatically.


Customize your heroes and character with new costumes and armors to make your temp strengthen up to get victory quickly. Make evolution of your character to make the game more interesting.


Along the quest collect many new characters the number of characters may vary up to 200. You can collect new characters as your game proceeds.

Daily Rewards

You will earn daily rewards on an everyday basis. Once you click on the game on daily basis you will be awarded the coins for making daily log in.


Once you earn enough coins keep your eye on the elusive Goblin who will always be in the chance of stealing your earned rewards and coins.


Check out the rank of others by checking the leader board, sharing your progress on the leader board, and checking on which position you are in as compared to the rest of the players.


Play in the competitive environment that is paly in the arena with the rest of the superheroes, these superheroes will be selected from the setting of the game on your own.

Graphics The graphics of the game has been developed after much hard work, its graphic is one of the best feature and key to its success. Every character along with the battleground has been well designed and seems much catchy.


Every super character will have its power, or he can take energy potions in the game to enhance its power.

Strategic Game

This game is referred to as a strategic game because the chances of victory are only when you will play this game with many strategies.


TapTap Heroes game is compatible with android phones and every other device based on the Android operating system but the only requirement of the game is android version 4.2 and above.


TapTap Heroes

TapTap Heroes

As on the google play store, you will have many other RPG-based games but the main quality of the game is its idea along with its graphics.

If you are looking for any battle game then we from the core of our heart recommend you Tap Tap Heroes Mod Apk as it has the highest number of downloading yet.

Along with that, the reviews of the players of the games are highly satisfying you can even check the ratings and comments of the users on the Google Play Store.


Q: Can Tap Tap Heroes can be played offline?

No, the game must need a stable internet connection.

Q: Tap Tap Heroes Apk includes in-app purchases?

Yes, the game includes in-app purchases but that is optional.

Q: Is Tap Tap Heroes is available on the google play store?

Yes, the game is available on the google play store but you can download its Modded version from our website by clicking mentioned link.