Ultra Custom Night

Are you brave enough to enter this dark and twisted world of horror? If yes, then fasten your seat belts and get ready to delve into the world of Ultra Custom Night Apk. This heart-pumping horror game will have you on the edge of your seat as you navigate through a world of terror. With its customizable gameplay and endless challenges, you’ll be playing this game for hours.

Game Overview

Ultra Custom Night Apk

Ultra Custom Night Apk

This is the ultimate game that will send chills down your spine and make your heart race. In this game, you will be thrown into a world of intense horror, where you must use all of your skills to survive the night. With its unique gameplay and stunning graphics, this game will keep you engaged.

Ultra Custom Night is the perfect combination of horror and strategy, making it an ideal game for those who enjoy a challenge. You are not going to be alone in this battle.

You’ll have a set of powerful tools at your disposal that will help you survive. You can customize the animatronics’ difficulty levels and also create your custom characters to add even more fun to the game.

Additional Information

Version v1.6.5
Required Android 5.5 and up
Downloads 100000+
Ratings 4+
Size 1 GB
Updated on 15 April 2024
Category Games
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Ultra Custom Night Gameplay

Ultra Custom Night

Ultra Custom Night

The gameplay of Ultra Custom Night Apk is what sets it apart from other games in its genre. The controls are simple to understand, but the difficulty level can be customized to your liking.

The game starts with the player in the control room of a pizza restaurant. You’ll be responsible for keeping track of various animatronics and making sure everything is running smoothly.

As the night progresses, the animatronics will begin to move around and become more aggressive. It’s up to you to keep an eye on them and prevent them from getting too close.

There are several levels to the game, each with its unique challenges. In the early levels, you’ll be dealing with just a few animatronics, but as you progress, the number and difficulty of the animatronics will increase.

You’ll need to constantly monitor the cameras, doors, and ventilation system to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Ultra Custom Night Features

Ultra Custom Night

Ultra Custom Night

Below are some of the features that you will get from the Ultra Custom Night Apk. So have a look at them below.

Build Your Night

Want to challenge yourself and take on the ultimate night shift? This game lets you create your own unique gameplay experience by customizing all aspects of the game. From selecting which animatronics to face, to adjusting difficulty settings, you have the power to create your unique challenges.

Over 50 Animatronics

With over 50 animatronics to choose from, this game has something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of the classic animatronics or love the new additions, you’ll find all your favorites here. With each animatronic having their unique behaviors and attack patterns, you’ll never know what to expect.

Dynamic Environment

In this game, the environment is just as important as the animatronics themselves. From flickering lights to malfunctioning security systems, every detail has been designed to keep you on your toes and ensure that every play-through is unique.

Upgradable Powerups

In this game, upgrading is key as you don’t want to be caught off guard when those tricky animatronics come your way. Want to outrun those pesky animatronics? Grab a speed boost! Need some extra defense? How about a shield? Whatever you choose, don’t forget to upgrade it so it’s at its maximum potential when you need it most.


Whether you’re a seasoned horror game player or just looking for a new challenge, this game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. So why wait? Download Ultra Custom Night APK today and enter a world of horror and customization like never before.