Used Car Dealer Tycoon Mod

Do you want to learn negotiation skills? Or want to get into a car dealership business? The Used Car Dealer Tycoon Mod Apk will let you build your dream car dealership business from scratch where you can also learn how to deal with customers and negotiate with them easily.

Game Overview

Used Car Dealer Tycoon MOD APK

Used Car Dealer Tycoon MOD APK

The Used Car Dealer Tycoon Mod Apk is a game where you will set up your small business of car dealing and modification. You will buy used cars from different people and with your skills and talent, you will modify and repair them. The last part will be putting these cars for sale and earning profit to move forward in the game.

This is a simulation game where you will simulate the life of a person who is a small business owner having a very small garage with limited money and resources. You will help this person in building a successful car dealership business. Negotiation is the key here in this game.

As the customers that come to sell the cars want a high price and you need to buy it for as low money as possible so that you can increase your profits on reselling that vehicle again.

You can select your avatar and after that play the game. Different missions will lead you and put you on track in the game. You can purchase any car you want in the Used Car Dealer Tycoon Mod Apk and modify it according to your needs.

Additional Information

92 MB
Downloads 10,000,000+
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 13 August 2022
Category Games
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Used Car Dealer Gameplay

Used Car Dealer Tycoon

Used Car Dealer Tycoon

As the Used Car Dealer Tycoon Mod Apk is a simulation game so you will be following a series of missions and levels that is the ordinary blueprint for the gameplay of the simulation games. In this, you will work as a car dealer who has the job of buying cars from people and modifying them to sell them for higher profits.

You will have a small amount of money at the start that you can use smartly to earn more money as you play along. The game is highly addictive and is for everyone with a fascination with cars and only cars.

Used Car Dealer Features

Used Car Dealer Tycoon MOD APK

Used Car Dealer Tycoon MOD APK

Some of the amazing features of the Used Car Dealer Tycoon Mod Apk are given in the below section. Let’s have look at them now.

Buy Cars At Low Price

In any business, your price of buying decides how much money you will make. You have to buy the cars for as low money as you can and here your negotiation skills will be tested. You can easily buy cars but buying them for a low amount is a tricky thing here in the game.

Examine Cars Before Buying

When a person comes to sell a car to your garage, you have to examine the car thoroughly. This is important and on the basis, of this examination, you will decide the price of the car and put that in front of the owner.

Modification To The Cars

The cars that you will buy from the people, can’t be sold in their current condition. You will have to do some modifications to them. These can be either minor ones or major ones. But doing them will give a brand new look to the cars.

Expand Your Operations

When you will start earning some money, you can then move to expand your business. You can upgrade your garage and also hire different employees for you. They will be dealing on your behalf and you just have to take reports from them on the jobs that you have assigned to them.


If you love cars and have knowledge about them then you will become a pro player at the Used Car Dealer Tycoon Mod Apk. You will be dealing in cars from small body modifications to full ones. So wait no more and download this amazing car dealership simulation game right now and enjoy your time.