WCC3 Mod

Cricket is a game that has a huge fan base all across the globe. And when you talk about the sub-continent, especially India and Pakistan, then this is the game that is played as if it is a cultural thing for them. WCC3 mod apk is a cricket game that is a sequel of WCC1 and WCC2 and is the most popular currently.

WCC3 Mod Apk

WCC3 Mod Apk

The best thing about simulation games is that they let you experience things that you cant do in real life. The same is the case here with this game.

You have played cricket in your childhood hood I know that for sure. But nowadays everyone has got too busy that they don’t get time to go in the field and play cricket as if they used to do. So WCC3 has solved this problem. WCC3 is a sports simulator where you can enjoy your favorite sport cricket on your mobile phone.

WCC3 mod apk features realistic gameplay of cricket, where you get real players, shots, and team kits. There are plenty of shots for you to choose from. The different bowling options each having unique styles make bowling in this game enjoyable.

The stadiums in the game are also great with real voice commentary from the famous commentators. The different playing modes make this game even more interesting.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
5.1 and up
Rating 4+
Updated on
19 February 2022
Category Games
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WCC3 Mod Apk is among the best game of cricket available for android, which has a great combo of realistic graphics and gameplay. The controls of this game are super easy to get used to and the player skins are closed to reality. The game features original Hindi and English commentary with a lot of customization options for customizing your players.

The AI of the game is very competitive so you will get a real experience while playing the game.

The game also has many different stadiums to play in. The action sequences of the players are also so cool to watch. You get a wide range of shots to play while batting due to the dynamic controls of the game.

There are various tournaments for you to play along with the availability of Odi series, T20 series, and tri-nation series, etc. You can also make your team in the auction of NPL and take part in that league.

The best thing about WCC3 is that it has also come up with a career mode, where you can start your career as a player and play to rise above the ranks while building a promising career unlocking various achievements and prizes for yourself.


When you talk about the features of the WCC3 mod apk, then you can’t describe them all. There are too many features that this game has to offer. You get the ultimate experience of cricket while playing this android version of cricket.

Multiple Actions

WCC3 has real actions of bowling, batting, and fielding. You can play with various bowling styles and actions. There are also various batting styles for you to choose from. All of these styles are of top motion quality.

Various Formats

The game has it all when it comes to playing formats. You get to play all the tournaments in the game. You can also play One-day series, T20 series, and quick games all according to your will. If you are a fan of league cricket, then you also get a chance to take part in the auction NPL and play the league.

Career Mode

If you don’t want to play various quick games, then you can focus on the career mode that the game provides. You can select a player or customize one of your own, train him and play as many games as possible and build a career for yourself.


If I try to put half of the features of this game, I can not. WCC3 Mod apk has too many features that you can ask for. This quality of WCC3 makes it the most favorable cricket game available for smartphones. So if you want to enjoy some quality cricket on your smartphones then now is your time.