World Of Airports Mod

To the list of the simulation games, today I present you an equal but different type of simulation game in the form of the World Of Airports MOD APK. Now, this is a game for the people who love the sky and who love aircraft. Your dream of becoming the best aircraft pilot is about to be fulfilled in the game.

world of airports mod apk

world of airports mod apk

Now everyone wanted to be a pilot in their childhood and wanted to fly a plane. But not all dreams come true. Some require time and some people are lucky that what they dream of, they get that in reality. So if you had a dream of owning an aircraft then you can experience the feeling in this game.

The game is more than just owning and flying an aircraft. Rather what if I tell you that in the game you will be able to own an entire airport and the airline?. Yes, you heard it right. This opportunity lies in this game, where you can be the owner of a huge airport and an airline.

The World Of Airports MOD APK has the best airport simulation system. You can fly many airplanes. Hire different members, carry out daily airport routine tasks, schedule flights, welcome people, build different areas, buy planes, collect different items and travel the world, and many more things to do.

Additional Information

Varies with device
Current Version
Requires Android
6.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 22 October 2022
Category Games
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World Of Airports

World Of Airports

If you want to own an entire airport then World Of Airports MOD APK will provide you with that opportunity. The game has all the things that are needed in an airport. You have air crafts. You have crew members, you have different vehicles, you also have passengers and all the necessitates.

Now your task here is to manage this airport and make it the best airport in the area. You can do different upgrades in the airports. You start with a few resources and you have to fill and modify your airport.

So for that reason, you need money. This money can be earned by carrying out different flight operations for the people. You can schedule flights and decide the routes for the flight. You can start a safe journey and drop the passengers at their destinations.

This activity will earn you money which you can spend entirely on your airport and airline upgrades. To make your revenues go higher, you can buy a new airplane so that more and more flight operations can be carried out.

Apart from that you can equip your airport with the latest technology and provide comfort to your customers. This will make them happy and they will return to your airport more often.

You can start different journeys and also explore different areas of the world. From there you can collect valuable antique items and level up your antique collection.


world of airports

world of airports

There are a lot of features of this World Of Airports MOD APK. So for your assistance, I am going to discuss some of them down below.

Airport Simulation

The game features a detailed airport simulation. All the things that are needed in an airport are there in the game. So you will feel as if you are in a real airport in real life.

By Aeroplane

To carry out more flight operations and earn more profits you can expand the operation of your airport by buying different air crafts. This will make you accommodate more passengers giving your profits a boost.

Explore the world

You can also explore different parts of the world in this amazing world of air crafts. You can travel the world in your air crafts and be the traveler in the sky.

Collect antiques

While traveling around different parts of the world, you can collect different valuable items and store them to increase your antique collection.


The World Of Airports MOD APK will give you a detailed experience of what and how it feels to have and manage an airline of your own. Different activities are there to make you feel engaged in the game. So download this game now and have fun.