Yandere Simulator

To the list of our simulation games, I present you a creepy romance-based simulation game, the Yandere Simulator apk. Now the Yandere Simulator is a game based on anime characters. The story of the game is very interesting and you can experience the love life of the character and the dark secrets of it.

yandere simulator apk

yandere simulator apk

Now, this is a simulation game. Your task is to play as Yandere, a beautiful schoolgirl. Now you have a crush on a boy and you are shy to express your feelings to him. But shyness doesn’t mean that you are a nice girl.

This is where the fun begins, as your character is a psychopath. She can’t see her crush with anyone else. So she eliminates anyone who is seen with the boy. This is the dark secret of Yandere in the game. This game is more likely Love Nikki and Dream Girlfriend.

As in the Yandere Simulator apk, your task is to play as the school girl Yandere. Your task will be to eliminate any girl that is seen with your boy. In the game, every girl is in love with the boy you love. Now before any girl confesses her feelings to the boy, you have to make sure she can not do this. Now you can stop her in many ways which I will tell you in the below text.

Additional Information

Name yandere simulator
Size 3.4 MB
Price Free
Android Requirement 4.0 and Up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 January 2022
Category Games
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The amazing story of the Yandere Simulator apk makes the gameplay of the game even more interesting. Now, this is a choices-based strategy game where you will have a lot of anime characters around.

Here in the game, you can experience the love life of the character yandere. Now Yandere is in love with a boy and she can’t see him with any girl in the college. Every girl in every week will fall in love with that boy.

Now Friday is the day when that girl will confess her feelings to the boy. Before that, you have to stop her. Now you can do this in many ways. The first option is that you make a plan and set that girl with any other boy this will make her lose interest in your boy.

Another option is that you can plan to ruin the reputation of that girl in front of the boy or you can also set her up so that she is expelled from the school, variety of options are available for you to choose from. Even if you want to go deadly, you can kill that girl also.

But make sure that no matter which option you chose, you have to remain underground and carry out the whole operation secretly so that your reputation of being an innocent little schoolgirl is maintained. If you are unable to do this, you will fail and you will have to restart the game.

The game also allows you to increase the skills and abilities of your character. For that reason, you can attend different classes. This will make your character learn different skills. You can also join different clubs where you can make new friends who can help in your tasks throughout the game.


yandere simulator

yandere simulator

The features of the Yandere Simulator apk are provided below in the text for your assistance.

Experience Love

You can role-play as the character and experience the love life of the character in the game.

Plenty of Options

There are various options when it comes to eliminating the girls. Setting her up with another boy or defaming her reputation are the major ones. The hard options are kidnapping her and killing her. These all are the options that you can choose from.

Learn Skills

You can also learn different skills by attending different classes in the game.

Join Clubs

Clubs are a great way to earn respect and also make new friends. So in the game, you can join different clubs and make friends. These friends can later do different favors for you in the game.


If you are a fan of anime and love thriller movies and games, then you must download this choice-based Yandere Simulator apk game. The experience that you will get is wholesome and you will love this game for sure.