iTube IOS

One of the best video and audio player which will let you enjoy both audio and video songs. Simply search the song you are looking for no matter audio or video one.

Itube IOS

Itube IOS

Once searched songs will be sorted in the list play it according to the quality and length you want to. Along with its offline features makes this application worth downloading.

Recently played songs will be played in offline mode too. This single application that is iTube iOS will provide you the bulk of features which you can accept from many different applications.

The usage of the application is also quite easy thus not providing much difficulty to the new users too. You can enjoy all those features which can found on YouTube along with additional features too.

Additional Information

Name iTube
Licensed Free
Version 4.0.4


Developers iTube
Price Free
Category IOS Apps
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Below we have mentioned top highlights and features you will found on this iTube Apk.

Cache Mode

Its cache mode doubles the worth of this application. If you have listened to any music no matter in which format and you lost your internet connectivity.

Your recently played song will be available there in the cache memory of the application play it no matter how many times you want to.

This feature is missing in YouTube so this feature makes this application preferable over YouTube too.

Easy Control

The usage of the application is quite easy simply search for the song you are looking for in the search bar your required file will be sorted in the list play it just by taping it.

This application provides quite an easy and comfortable user experience. You can scroll through the favorite added list or the recommendations by the application.

This application has a very basic interface and without any complications, it will provide all of its features to its users.


It will suggest to you the music of your choice. iTube iOS works on the algorithm and suggests those files only to the users which of his/ her interest only. Scroll through those lists and play music of your own choice and your format too.

Load Faster

The selected file will not only load faster but if you have lost your internet connectivity and trying to reload that file again that reloading process will be quite faster and will not bother you much that.

Supports Formats

It supports many formats of the files like 4H, 1080 p, 720 p along with it watch videos in mp4 format and FLV format too.

This feature shows the variety this single application provides you to deal with. You will have a free hand to choose and play the file in the required format.

So the size of the screen will not matter anymore, watch HD videos even on the smaller screen too. Set a resolution of your own choice.

 Free Download

If you are wondering this application will be costly because it provides a variety of features so it will cost high but let us tell you the download of ITube is free. You can download this application directly from free of cost.

Supports iOS

Keep in mind iTube iOS is only available for iOS devices and if you want to download it for android devices then you have to install iTube for android.


This application is no doubt best for iPhone users to install if they are in search of any real media player that can work both online and offline. What we like about this application are its cache features.

How cool is this that you can not only watch videos and play songs online but can found them in the recently played list even you are offline too?


Q: Can we install iTube for iOS on an android device?

No, you cannot. Because this version is only compatible with iOS devices. But if you want to install iTube for android devices then we suggest you go for iTube android which has the same feature as that of this application.

Q: Does the iTunes application include monthly subscription charges?

No, it doesn’t all it needs is a stable internet connection every time. It will not charge you any monthly subscription charges.

Q: How can we install the iTube application on an iOS device?

You can simply install it from the apple store from your device also we provide you an easy way to install it on your iOS device. Click on the provided link it will start your installation.