Tinder Platinum Mod

Whoever does not know about one of the best and trending online dating applications over the google play store that is Tinder? But what if we tell you about its Modded version that provides extra features as that of tinder.

Tinder Platinum Mod Apk

Tinder Platinum Mod Apk

Yes, we are talking about Tinder Platinum Mod Apk. This application is designed for all android to iOS devices providing some tinder official features with some additional features of its.

From finding the perfect match for you to chat with the right person you will find this application the perfect choice for finding your online match.

Additional Information

Name Tinder Platinum
Size 49 Mb
Updated on 26 December 2022
Cost Free
Developer Tinder Team
Category Tools
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Tinder Platinum

Tinder Platinum

Online Match

As this plication is supposed to provide you with the perfect match of you. It will provide you variety of ways to get access to your perfect match.  You will visit multiple people’s accounts over your account and after finding them of your interest you can surely start chatting with them.

This application is the easiest way of finding you perfect match for you right from your phone. Over the accounts of users, you can check on their interests. If they have the same field of interest you can send them a match request.

Discover People

This application will provide you the chance of discovering people right from your search bar that is by typing the user name of the person. By doing so you can find over the right math of you if you know the person personally.

In short, if you know a person personally and have a crush on him you can find him on tinder by typing the valid user name of that person.

Discover Nearby

One of the best features that you will find over this application is that you will find the user’s accounts who lives nearby to you. Close the accounts you have they will be suggested to you every time you will get into the application.

Swipe right and find more and more accounts if you find any of interesting them send them the request. If they like you back they will also send you back. So both of you will become the crush.


If we talk about some additional features that you will find over the tinder platinum, then the very fires tine iOS the like per day, You will get 5 likes per day over this version of tinder.


On monthly basis, this application will let you get more and more likes which will increase the chances of you becoming a celebrity over tinder.

Because the account with the highest number of likes will be the celebrity over tinder and will have the crown with the profile.


One of the best features that you will find over Tinder Platinum Mod Apk is the rewind feature if you have accidentally liked the profile of someone that you do not wanted do. you can rewind your kike. So the person will never get to know about the like you have ever sent to him.


No doubt there are hundreds of online dating applications that you can now find over the google play store or the internet but this version of the tinder application has millions of active users because of the extra features it provides to its users.

Tinder Platinum Mod Apk is one of the best choices that you can find as the alternative the tinder official as it will provide you with some additional features along.