Touch VPN

Touch Vpn apk/app is best Vpn for accessing all the websites that are blocked by your internet service provider.  Are you unable to access some sites? and are you worried about using free wifi then don’t worry use Touch Vpn Apk and start browsing the internet with full security.

touch vpn apk

touch vpn apk

Whenever you send data, pictures, emails etc these things are being tracked by the ISP.  When you use free wifi in public then your online browsing is not secure. But don’t worry you can use the Vpn’s like IPVanish Vpn, vyprvpn, and Touch Vpn.

This Vpn will protect your online browsing because this VPN provides you different servers of different countries and locations and assigns new IP and hides your original IP so that you can’t be tracked by anyone.

Using free wifi can be risky like your password may be in danger or when you share any sort of text data or images these data can be accessed by your internet service provider but don’t worry when you will use Touch Vpn this app will start securing you.

When you connected with this app your ISP remains unable to track your browsing because you are now using the server of this app and you are using some different IP which is actually not the original one.

How to use and Connect Touch Vpn App?

touch vpn apk

touch vpn apk

Like other Vpn, it’s necessary to create account to get connected with this Vpn as well. Once you create an account now you will have different servers options like United States, Canada, France, Russian Federation, Germany, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, etc. Select anyone that you want Congratulations now you are now connected with new sever and now your internet browsing is secure you can send and receive data online with full security.

Download Touch Vpn Apk

Updated September 18, 2019
Installs 10,000,000+
Current Version 1.6.0
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating Rated for 3+
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Features of Touch Vpn

touch vpn

touch vpn

Free: This VPN is 100% free you don’t have to pay even a single penny.

Unlimited: This app provides unlimited sessions, speed, and bandwidth.

Simple: unblock the word with one touch of “connect” button.

Secured: This app provides you powerful security when you use the free wifi.

Access any website

You can unblock any website and can access blocked a website[ like sites blocked by School, college and by worked area]. This app will help you to access these kinds of sites which are blocked by internet service provider.

Protect your Personal Data

When you are connected with free wifi, your personal data like your name your, images, your emails, your instant messages, and passwords are no more secure. This app helps you to secure your data from hackers.

Easy to Use

You can be connected with any of the servers of this app with just two click

  • Select Country
  • Click on connected

Surf the Web Anonymously

This app provides you a new Ip and hides your original IP. Now you can access the web without showing your identity and no one including your Internet Service provider can track your activities.

Why Touch Vpn?

touch vpn

touch vpn

Suffering a web with free internet can be dangerous your credentials like your emails your Passwords will be at risk. So It’s better to use some Powerfull Vpn to get rid of all these tensions and use the web with no worries. So Touch Vpn provides you all these security features free of cost.


I have described all the features of Touch Vpn apk and I think this app is best for the people who use free Wifi and think that they are not secure or they want tight security of their credentials then this Vpn  for these people and moreover this is 100% free VPN you don’t have to Pay for this app.Download Button Exists