Vpn Master

Vpn Master Apk/App is the best Vpn for accessing Blocked websites with Super Fast speed and Bandwidth. You can download Vpn Master apk with mod free and enjoy its features in your android. We always provide original Apks for our users.

Vpn master apk

Vpn master apk

What is Vpn?

Vpn stands for Virtual Private Network.  That allows you to access blocked sites and apps and provide security when you use free Wifi or hotspot in public.


Facebook is blocked by China. So how the people of china can access Facebook? So Vpn has made possible for the people of china to access Vpn. Similarly, all the websites and apps can be accessed by different VPNs like Vpn master, Yoga VPN, Secure Vpn, Super Vpn, and Touch VPN

Vpn Master is the famous Vpn for accessing blocked sites and for powerful security. This is 100% free Vpn and it has almost all the features as the premium features. Like powerful servers, Unlimited Speed, Unlimited bandwidth, and Session.

How to use and connect Vpn Master?

Do you want to know how to use Vpn master? are you new to this app? then follow the following steps to get connected with this Vpn.

Click on the icon of Vpn Master after downloading now you will have the different options of different countries to which you want to get connected like India, Us, Uk, Germany click on anyone soo you will be connected with your desired server.

Additional Information

Application Name VPN Master Premium
Version v1.7.0
Android Required 4.2+
Total Downloads 5,000,000+
App Size 22.6 MB
Developer VPN Master

Do you want to download Vpn Master Apk? then here we provide original Apk of Vpn Master just follow the simple steps to download Vpn Master Apk.

  • Click on the download button
  • Soon your downloading will be started
  • Once downloading is completed
  • Click on the install option
  • After some time your installation will be completed
  • Now open the app and enjoy Free Vpn Service

Alternative Vpn

Watch Video How to use Vpn Master

Here is a short video tutorial that will help you how to use Vpn Master and how to configure it accurately to get full security and speed.

Feature of Vpn Master

Bandwidth and Speed

Vpn master apk

Vpn master apk

This Vpn provides unlimited bandwidth and speed. Now you can use the internet with fast speed and with unlimited bandwidth.

100% Free Vpn

This Vpn is 100% free you can enjoy all the premium features in free Vpn.

Access All Blocked Sites

If your country has restricted you to not use some sites or your school, college or worked area has blocked some site and you want to access those sites then use Vpn Master to get access to all these sites.

Generates New IP

To get rid of hackers attack Vpn Master assigns you new IP and hides your original IP.

Powerful Security

Vpn master apk

Vpn master apk

Are you using free Wifi and you are scared about security then don’t worry this app will provide you powerful security. Most people don’t know that when they use free Wifi then they can be tracked y Internet Service Provider your credentials are no safer. So Vpn like Vpn master will save you from hacker attack.

No Registration Required

Registration is one of the things that the user hates the most. No one wants to waste his/her time in the registration process. So Vpn Master demands no registration after installation once you download the app you can use it directly.

Network Compatability

Works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G and all mobile data carriers

Why Vpn Master?

Download Vpn master apk

Download Vpn master apk

Vpn Master is famous for its fast servers, high speed, unlimited bandwidth, and Session. So I highly recommend you to use this Vpn if you want to secure your credentials and to access restricted websites. This Vpn Provides you all the functionality of just like premium VPNs.


Q: What is a VPN Proxy Master?

Vpn Proxy Master is an android app that allows you to establish a virtual private network with just a few clicks

Q: How to download Vpn master Premium Apk?

In order to download Vpn master premium, you have to visit website Mobapks.com to get fully unlocked vpn master

Q: Is VPN master safe?

Yes, Vpn Master is safe enough for personal usage however for large organizations it may be risky.

Q: Does VPN MAster have Ads?

Yes, Vpn master has ads but if you download its apk from here you will get this apk free from ads.


Having a powerful Vpn these days is necessary to get rid of hacker’s attack. So I think Vpn Master is one of the best Vpn according to its feature and functionality. Just download Vpn Master Apk and start accessing block sites and surf the internet with full security and speed.

If you found any problem while downloading this apk please do comment below. We will solve your problem as quickly as possible.Download Button Exists