Gm WhatsApp

Are you looking for one of the best-Modded versions of WhatsApp official that will have many more additional features than Gm WhatsApp is for you?

GM Whatsapp

GM Whatsapp

By doing so you will not only fond the old features of official WhatsApp but will find many more additional features with that. This WhatsApp is the best of all and has some of the most intelligent features that will make this WhatsApp Gm Apk worth downloading.

From customization of, the theme to hide type indicator is considered as the best of best features which you can found on it. This application is worth downloading.

But still, if you are wondering about the features of the application below we have mentioned those. After reading all these features you will surely like this application.

Additional Information

Name WhatsApp Gm
Ratings 4.2
Size 57 MB
Version v13.43
Cost free
Updated on 6 February 2023
Category Whatsapp
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



Whatsapp Gm

Whatsapp Gm

Some of the main highlighted features of gm WhatsApp are discussed below.

Hide Last Active

Hide your online status from your contacts. If you are online and do not want to let your contact friends. You can hide it directly from our contacts by changing the settings of your privacy.

Not only the active status but also the last active seen from your contacts can be hidden easily and quickly by changing the settings manually.

Hide the forward messages tag that is if you do not want to let your contact friends know that message you are sending them is a forward message then hide the tag of a forward message from the settings of the application.

Hide View Status

Set hide view from the settings if you do so then after watching the status of your friends they will never let be known about the view status of their post.

Deleted Messages

Many people delete a message after sending it or delete their status after posting. If you want to watch their status and their posts right after they even have deleted them then WhatsApp Gm will let you do so too.

Deleted messages and posts will be visible no matter if are deleted by the sender. This unique feature is found in only a few WhatsApp Modded applications.

Typing Indicator

If you want to reply to your contact and do not want to let them know when you were active last time or do not want to let them know about your “typing” status then you can it too.

Hide typing status indicator and blue ticks too from the settings manually from the application.

Lock Application

Lock your WhatsApp using your PIN and Password. If you set any lock on your application then you will not be asked to download any third-party application installation for that because the WhatsApp Gm application itself has that protection feature.


Customize the interfaces according to your own needs which are the screen of the main interface, chat screen, and eight scans customized.

In the main interface, you can have the notification bar whenever you want to on the main screen that is at the bottom or top.

The color of the widget that is the notification screen can be selected according to your own. Along with that select how long you want your notification to have appeared on the top of the screen.

Hide Media

You can also hide the media from the gallery that is if you do not want to download the media directly into the galley due to a storage issue so you can hide it too. That is after pre-viewing the content you will never be forced to download it.

Add animation effects that are the snowflakes, flowers, and animated hearts are can be selected as the animation screen on your application interface.


Download multiple themes from the store and library. It is important to note that you can switch to any theme at any time. So no more boring with this Whatsapp.

Dark Mode

Dark mode can be enabled or disabled


Turn on the internet and off directly from the settings of WhatsApp, along with that select any default auto message and select schedule for your messages too.

What’s New?

  • New mod version is available now
  • You can upgrade it now for new UX changes.


We suggest you download GM WhatsApp if you need the best-Modded version of WhatsApp. Once you will do so you will be surely addicted to the features and interface of this application that you will never want to get rid of it.


 Q: Is GM WhatsApp free of cost to download?

Yes, this Modded version of WhatsApp is totally free to download.

Q: Is Gm WhatsApp viable on the google play store?

No, this is not available on the google play store but you can find it on our website.