Golden WhatsApp

You all have heard about the Modded version of WhatsApp that is the WhatsApp plus. Golden WhatsApp is the updated version of WhatsApp plus and can be called as Whatsapp plus gold. This corresponding application has been created to make your participation in more themes and emotions.

Whatsapp Golden

Whatsapp Golden

This Modded version has not only the feature that WhatsApp provides but also many more added features for the ease of the user. Many users have rated this version as the best among the rest of many other Modded versions too.

Security is the main concern whenever one installs the Modded version so with this version security is said to be the very first place.

Users will feel much at ease with this application. And it is impossible to elaborate on all features of this application in the introductory section.

Additional Information

Version V17.5
Size 45 MB
Last update 6 February 2023
Ratings 4.6
Licensed Freeware
Coast Free
Category Whatsapp
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Golden WhatsApp

Golden WhatsApp

As mentioned this Modded version is a huge bundle of many features and you can use any of them at any time. Some of the features are adopted from the official WhatsApp and some are enhanced versions of those.

Here we have mentioned some of the new features that WhatsApp golden provides so.

  • Notification
  • Dark Mode
  • Photos chat
  • Image shape
  • Hide option
  • Privacy settings
  • Disable status
  • Document submission
  • Multi formats
  • Disable calls
  • Verifications
  • Emoji
  • Last Active
  • Double Status


You can set the color and timings of your notification area for Golden WhatsApp. This Modded version of WhatsApp allows you to take full control over the WhatsApp settings.

You can modify the settings of not only chat and contacts but can also modify the settings of the notification area. If you do not want to get any notifications related to WhatsApp you can simply mute the notification of WhatsApp.

Dark Mode

For people feeling at ease in dark mode, this version of WhatsApp has introduced the feature of dark mode. Although this feature of the dark mode is now also available on the official version too but first it was introduced in this application.

This feature no longer irritates your eyes and at night time users feel more at ease using their mobile devices for WhatsApp.

Photos Chat

Sharing photos on WhatsApp is a feature of official WhatsApp too but converting the photos into stickers is a unique feature of this version of WhatsApp. The same feature is provided Tm Whatsapp.

Image Shape

Change your images into spherical shapes. No longer are you bound to the regular shape of the image change the shape of the image into a spherical one easily.

Hide Option

The hide feature has a long list of features in itself. Hide your profile from the selected contacts. Hide your status and last active seen from the specific contacts only.

You can simply switch between the enable and disable modes to make your profile and last active visible or not.

Privacy Settings

You can hide your tick status if you do not want to let your contact friends know about your message read status. By doing so either after reading the message of your friends they will get only a single tick and in the info of the message, there will nothing mentioned about message read status.

Disable Status

You can disable your status after posting it. Once you uploaded your status and later you want to disable it for some time then this status will be no longer visible to your contact even those who have seen the status already.

Document Submission

Document submission is a feature of almost every social media application. But this application allows you to share documents in almost every format that is from pdf to .ppt format also.

There are very few social applications that share .ppt and .xls format files and this application is one of them.

Multi Formats

As mentioned you can share every format file on this application but most of all if you want to share Apk files through this application you can do so too.

Disable Calls

Disable your calls if you do not want to get bothered by the notification. If you do not want to block any of your contacts but do not want to get any notification of their call you can manually modify the settings and disable their calls.

Along with that, you can disable all calls from your contacts. Once you do so you will get messages and voice notes from your contacts but will not get call notifications.

Parallel Accounts

Want to parallel account multiple accounts on your single mobile device? Then you will be no longer need to run for a new mobile device neither you will be asked to install a third mobile application for that.

With this application, you can switch between 2 WhatsApp accounts using a single application. From the profile setting, you can simply switch between multiple accounts easily.


Verify your mobile number by getting the OTP on your registered number quickly. The generation of OTP by this application is responsive and quick.


A huge library of GIFS and emojis are added to this application. Along with image sharing, you can share many emojis using this application at once.

Last Active

If you do not want to show your last active to your contact list then set the last activity to want to show manually. Once you do your friends will get only the time you have set manually as your last active status.

Double Status

Using this application you can double the time of status from the normal ones. You will be not bound to the sharing of 30 seconds status but the time will be double.


As the name suggests that main theme color of this application is golden. So the color of the icon of this application is attractive that is golden.

Watch Video To Know Its All Features


If our verdict is concerned we will never suggest you install the Modded version of any social media application. Because no matter how much security is given by the Modded application but it is said that it is not safe to install the Modded version ever.


Q: Can we download Golden WhatsApp from the google play store?

No, as this is a Modded version you cannot do so.

Q: How to download Golden WhatsApp?

Click on the provided link, you will easily download it.