WhatsApp is considered to be one of the best applications for instant messages and calls. And people do adore the features provided by it.

But SaWhatsApp is that Modded version of WhatsApp that has many old features of WhatsApp official along with that it has some newly added features too.

SaWhatsapp Apk

SaWhatsapp Apk

From customizations to privacy the list of features is very long and impressive. Many restrictions are being broken by this application as you can have in the official one.

This version is no doubt has a massive list of features and tools which will compel you to adore this mobile application.

Additional Features

Name SawhatsApp
Size 48 MB
Version v4.32
Cost Free
Android Requirement 4.2 and above
Updated on 6 February 2023
Category Whatsapp
Get it on the Play Store Not Available


Features of Sawhatsapp

Some of the bold features of this Modded WhatsApp application are mentioned below.

Group Calls

Make group calls with more than 8 people at a time. As this version is missing in WhatsApp official.

New Number

Send a message to a new number that is not on your contact list. That is you can type the new number with country code directly from the mobile application.


This WhatsApp is considered the lightest Modded version of WhatsApp so it will not bother you much for storage issues.


Hide your online status and last active. That is if you are online and do not want to let your friends know about that you can simply hide it.

Along with that even though you are online your online status will be hidden from your contacts with a hidden typing indicator.

Prevent Deleting

Prevent deleting messages and status that is you haven’t read the message and that is deleted by the user sent you. You will be able to see that message in the chat although it has been deleted by the sender.

The same is the case with status, if someone has posted some status and deleted it before you have seen it, it will still be visible on the status menu and you will reply to it too.

Typing Indicator

Along with a hidden typing indicator, you can hide the indicator r while recording the audio. Message seen by you still be appeared in the chat of the sender as a single tick, not the blue one.

Internet Connectivity

Turn on and off the internet directly from the settings of the SawhatsApp Application. You will no more be dependent upon the widgets that is the notification is.

Image Limit

In official WhatsApp, you are bounded to share only 30 images but with this version of WhatsApp, you will share more than 100 images at a time.

Clear Cache

Delete your WhatsApp cache directly from the application. You will no longer be asked to clean the junk and cache of your WhatsApp from the mobile device settings.


Customize your WhatsApp according to your own. Select the background color, font color widget color directly from the settings. You will not be asked to download a third-party application for that.

Select the design of the font as you want to. Select regular design or bubble one. Select and change it whenever you want to.

Dark Mode

There will be a huge library of emojis and GIFS in the library of this WhatsApp. Along with that enable and disable WhatsApp dark mode.

Hide the forward tag with the messages you are forwarding to someone else. As in the official one if you are sharing a single message with many it appears as with a forwarding tag.

But in the case of this WhatsApp tag from the top of the message will disappear and will no longer be visible.

Frequent Contact

Hide frequently used contacts from the chat section. No matter how many times you have someone his name will not be appearing in the frequent chat groups.

Set the size of the audio being shared up to 100 MB. That is the length of media being shared has been increased though.

Watch Video


Having all these rich features this WhatsApp is no doubt considered to be one of the best WhatsApp ever with many new and adopted features.

If you will download this version of WhatsApp you will surely addicted to the rich features of this application.


Q: Is the SawhatsApp application free of cost?

Yes, it is free of cost to download.

Q: How can we download SawhatsApp Apk on mobile?

Just click on the mentioned link above it will start its installation automatically.

Q: Is this SawhatsApp application available on the google play store?

No, as this is the Modded version so it is not available on the google play store.