WhatsApp Red

Many Modded version of WhatsApp is available on the internet but still, there are some restrictions and limitations faced by the users even with Modded version.

If you are looking for any Modded version that does not have any restrictions then you should try WhatsApp Red Apk then. This application has tons of features.

WhatsApp Red

WhatsApp Red

This is a version of WhatsApp Gold and has some adopted features from WhatsApp gold and some are added as new.

In short, it is a best-rated application with many best tools and features to use. A detailed view of the WhatsApp Red mobile application is discussed below.

Additional Information

Size 73.29 MB
Version 8.80
Android Requirement 4.0 and above
Total Downloads 3M+
Last update 18 February 2021
Cost Free
Category Whatsapp
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WhatsApp Red

WhatsApp Red

Freeze Seen

If you do not want to let your contact know when were you active last time you can freeze last seen manually from the settings.

By doing so the moment on which you have freeze your status that time will be visible as your last active time.


Enable the anti-delete option from the settings. If you do so your contacts will no longer be able to delete the messages they have sent to you.

Disable Forward

Disable the forward messages tag from the stings of this application. If you do you will be able to forward any message to the rest of your contacts and no one of them will get a forward tag.

Hide View

If you do not want to let your contact show then you have seen his status then you can hide the status view from the settings.

By doing so no matter how many times you watch the status of your friends your name will not be visible in the seen list.

Status Delete

Enable the anti-status delete option. If you do so and any of your contacts delete their status before you have seen that still, it will be available there for 24 hours.

Read Receipt

Disable the read receipt if you do so the read status by you on the chat of your friends will only be visible if you will reply to them. Otherwise only delivered status will appear with the message until and unless you reply to it.

Status Seen

If you do not want to share your status with some specified friends then you can hide your status by selecting only those contacts you don’t want to share your status with.


Turn off the typing indicator too. Although you will get the message and will reply to it too your friend will never get to know about the timings that when did you see the status and when did you reply that.


Protect your application with a password or pattern. Even though if your phone is supporting the fingerprint reading security this application will let to set too.

All you have to do is to enable the security from the settings of the application there you will get many options of making your application encrypted.

Pattern Settings

Make your pattern visible or even not visible if you do not want to let anyone know what your password is you can simply hide the visibility.


Set background of your own choice, select any picture, image, or any solid color as the background of the chats and main menu,

Contact Name

Differentiate the contact names from the background by changing the color scheme of the contact names.

Status Color

Set the color of the text of the status too. Set font style and color manually from the set of the application.

Message Scheduler

Set the schedule of your messages or even you can set auto-reply too. If you are not online and somebody texts you so you can set auto-reply by typing any default message you want them to get even you are offline

Direct Connectivity

Enable or disable the internet connectivity right from the application instead of the notification pane,

Status Timings

Set the status timings of more than 60 seconds to 3 minutes manually from settings.

Video Limit

Set your video sending limit up to 700 MB manually from the settings easily.

Group call

Add as many contacts in your group call without being worried about the limitation and restriction over it.

Dark Mode

Enable or disable the dark mode whenever you want to easily from the settings of the application.


Red WhatsApp is no doubt deserves to be rated 5 out of 5. Because the lists of features it provides are too long so that one cannot summarize it though.

If you are looking for any Modded version of WhatsApp with a bulk of features then we highly recommend WhatsApp Red.


Q: Is WhatsApp Red Apk is free to install?

Yes, this application is free.

Q: Is WhatsApp Red Apk is available on the google play store?

No, as mentioned this is a Modded version so it is not available on the google play store.