Arcane Legends Mod

Fight with the superheroes in arcade mode. Arcane Legends Mod Apk will provide you with a battle interface where you can fight against the top villains. With a 3D interface have a battle against the superheroes.

Arcane Legends Mod Apk

Arcane Legends Mod Apk

It is the best fantasy action RPG game, for all types of android devices. It will provide you interface to adventure through dungeons. It will take you and your friends along the castles.

Loot the enemies along with your teammates. Build your character and quest along with other online players.

Additional Information

Ratings 4.2
Version 2.7.25
Updated on 18 February 2022
Total Downloads 10 M+
Size 96 MB
Offered by Spacetime Studios
Category Games
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Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends

Multi Skills

Every single character in the game has multi-skills. Besides fighting and using powerful weapons, each character in the game has multi-talents. These powerful characters will be capable of fighting and in doing battle.

These multi-skilled characters will let you finish the game in your favor. These skills will mean a lot for the progress of the game in your favor.


Also, this game is loaded with the feature of customization. From customizing the character to the customization of the powerful weapons every feature of customization is in your hands. Customization of character will let you make the interface of this game more attractive.

Mystical Pets

Every character in the game has the ability and feature of having pet animals along. Each character will have its own unique and powerful pet that will be along with the character throughout the game. Keep in mind the customization feature can be implemented over the pets too.

Legendary Weapons

This game is loaded with lots of robust weapons that you can use anytime in the war whenever you feel like to. The large varieties of legendary weapons will let you win the game in favorable mode.

PVP Mode

Also, this game is available in multi modes like PVP mode to team vs team mode. Because all the players in the game will be a real ones and will join this game in online mode from all around the world. So you will find it quite interesting to meet the real players around the world.


Also, the interface that you will find over this application is well developed and quite attractive. New users will find this application quite easy to be used even on their first try.


Also, this application is available free of cost on the google play store. You can install this application freely anytime from the google play store.

Modded Version

If we talk about the Modded version of this application you will find out lots of free features like free rewards and free costumes. In the official version, you will have to pay over in-app purchase but in the Modded version, you can find ease over finding free in-app items.


If we talk about the official and Modded version of this application, you will find it very secure, safe and sound for your android devices.

No matter which android gadget you are using and which version of arcane legends you will be using it will be safe and secure.


Arcane Legends Mod Apk is no doubt the best arcade fighting game that you will find over the google play store. This application has the best interface so far and will provide thrilling war battle scenarios to its user.

So if you are really looking for any small-sized mobile game that will provide you thrilling battle experience then you need to try out this application once.