Dragon Hills Mod

This game is based on beautiful story animation, where one beautiful princess will be stuck on the top roof of a tower, she will be screaming for help but nobody will help her to get escape from there, many people will come but instead of taking princess away they will take gold and will run away.

Dragon Hills Mod Apk

Dragon Hills Mod Apk

So to help herself she with the help of her dragon will come outside the tower and will start taking her revenge on every person out there in her way.  Dragon Hills Mod Apk is all about escaping and earning exciting prizes.

Additional Information

Name Dragon Hills
Ratings 4.3
Version Latest
Total Downloads 10 M+
Offered by Rebel Twins
Updated on 4 May 2022
Category Games
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Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills


Once on installation, you will be asked to install google play games on your device, as Dragon Hills Mod Apk is only supported for devices having google play games installed if not you will be asked to do so.

The reason why you will be asked to install this, this game will work in an online mod so your leaderboards score, your achievements, and the best data related to scores will be stored in cloud storage. This will be necessary for you to keep your record every time you will get into this game.


The princess will escape from the dragon and the only way to keep the dragon moving on the way is to avoid different obstacles the way, also don’t dig deep in snow as once on hitting the ground under snow your dragon will start losing its life.


On hitting the ground as it will start losing its life, which will be shown in the progress bar of the life, before the life bar hots the zero make your dragon come out of the snow as soon as possible.


Also, there will be different obstacles on the way to make your dragon hurt, once coming near to those make your dragon dig into the snow so it will avoid that obstacle and will not do,

Once on hitting the obstacle your game will be stopped and will start from the start where the princess will escape from the tower.


As Dragon Hills Mod Apk is based on the story mode, so you will be asked to hit the person who didn’t help the princess in the tower and took the gold, every stage will be ended as the princess will hit and kill that person who left her dying in the castle.


The whole story of the game will be played in live animations, this will amazing as developers have put their best effort into making the best animation of the game.

From views to background sounds everything will be developed in much detail and it will look like an animated movie more than a game.


Your reward will increase as per the number of coins you will hit with the help of the dragon, key formula to get more coins will be to dig into the snow once coming near to coins, on releasing on the dragon it will elevate in the air for some time.

This will probably increase your chances to get more and more coins, on earning enough coins you will unlock many other dragons with more powers, as every dragon will have its superpowers. Also, you can customize your character by adding some weapons.


Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills

After reading all highlights of this game you will surely enjoy this game along with its all features this game is quite interesting for those who love animations.

This well-developed Dragon Hills Mod Apk has a good rating by users on the google play store which you can check by yourself too.