Kingdom Rush Frontiers Mod

You have probably played many fighting games over your pone downloaded from the google play store but all of them are based on the same storyline.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Mod Apk

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Mod Apk

What are we tell you Kingdom Rush Frontiers Mod Apk is a unique game being based on a tower defense system?

This emperor development game is more than about the protection of the state using a powerful defense system more than an ordinary development and fighting game.

You will be asked to kill the unknown raised monster in the lands far away from your territory you have to spot that strange creature first ad later with your fleet go and charge against that.

This unique has loads of fun and amusement and in every succeeding stage, you will learn new tactics and the strategies to win it.

Additional Information

Ratings 4.8
Size 167 MB
Total Downloads 1M+
Version 4.2.32
Updated on 21 May 2021
Offered by Ironhide Games
Category Games
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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Tower Defense

While developing your new city and increasing your territory you will be asked to build the towers on every checkpoint of your state that will increase the defense system of your city.

On every tower, there will be your recruited army person that will charge against your opponents whenever they will try to attack your territory.

Strange Enemy

You will be notified about the strange creature that will be harming the areas and the desserts bout of your territory but they will be growing too fast and moving fast towards your territory so to make them defeat you will need to move outside of your city with your recruited army.

Go and explore through other states and find out those creatures to make them defeated and to prevent your territory from future attack.

New Territories

While exploring for those strange evils you will be winning the new territories make your defense system there too to add them officially in your land.

Train Heroes 

With every level up you will be asked to train your heroes because their superpowers will not be enough for the enemy being rising from the unknown lands.

With every succeeding level, your opponent will have more and more powers and your heroes will need quite more pieces of training to charge against them.

Strange Opponents

In this Kingdom Rush Frontiers Mod Apk you will be facing really strange opponents with each succeeding level you will face aliens, dragons, and sometimes the monsters.

Each super opponent will have its superpowers and you have to make sure that you have enough recruited army to charge against those monsters.


Also, you can choose among the level of mode, if you are a beginner and before going into the hard levels of the game you want to learn it first go for beginner level.

If you have learned enough tactics to defeat the monster go for the intermediate level that will not give you a tough time but will be harder than the beginner.

And once you think you have become the pro of the game and can play this game without any guidepost and are trained enough along with the army to charge against and monster then surely opt for the difficulty level.


Kingdom Rush Frontiers Mod Apk is about the defense of your city and you will surely enjoy keeping protecting your city while developing it.

This will be quite fun too to develop and protect the city at the same time, also in the Modded version, you will get a chance to earn free enough coins to unlock any succeeding stage without any difficulty.