Chameleon Run

This is no doubt the best free running game ever developed by the developers on the theme of running game where your character will be running free over the obstacles on the way.

Chameleon Run Apk

Chameleon Run Apk

But the real twist comes in Chameleon Run Apk when colors will be switching and your character will be hovering over those.

Jumping over the obstacles will need much practice because with every moving object the running speed of the character will be increased and you can surely lose your concentration over your character and grip over its speed.

So be attentive while hovering over the objects and jump over the matching colors objects only. This shows how tricky this game is.

Additional Information

Name Chameleon Run
Version 2.1.2
Size 37 MB
Offered by Noodle Cake Studios Inc.
Total Downloads 1 M+
Rating 4+
Category Games
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Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run

Free Run

Chameleon Run Apk will allow you to jump fast over the paced objects on the way, every time you will move over an object its color will automatically change thus you have to land your character very clear fully.

Because while landing your character over any object that object can change its color thus your character will die and the game will start again.

Tap Screen

Besides single tap jump you can make your character jump double and even high jump, it depends upon the number of taps on the screen and also depends upon how long you want to make your characters hovered into space before hitting the obstacle.

Thus make your character stay long in the pace to notice which color the object will adopt soon or later.

Physics Phenomena

The objects placed on the way will be based on perfect physics phenomena, some of them will be hovering and some will be moving freely towards the earth became of gravity so make your character cross all those with the perfect jump.

Easy Control

Control of this game to tap the character to make it jump is always easy, of the character will be controlled through two buttons only and rest of character running will be free run, you will not be asked to control the run of the character too.

All you will need to do is to control the jump of the character, it will run automatically on the free road just make sure it will not hit the objects on the road.

Compete Scores

You will be asked to compete for your set score in the game, as this is a solo player game and you will not be competed with any real opponent so to make the highest scores you have to compete for your own highest score in the previous round.

Every time a previously set score will be pop up on the screen and you will be asked to complete it with the new highest score.

The score will depend upon the number of free objects you have jumped over and the miles you have run over the free road. Keeping both if measure your score will be set.

Smooth Graphics

The graphics of this game is quite stylish and smooth. The game has the most detailed graphics of every object on the road, your character will easily make his jump over those.

Color Gradient

Also, the color gradients of the game are so nice and clear that every object will be clear and you will skip it easily too.


Chameleon Run Apk being the solo player offline game is no doubt has become an addiction for many users as the basic theme of the game is quite easy and simple and it does not require any practice and pre-knowledge about it.