Ark of War Mod

“Built, sail and conquer”, is the main theme of the Ark of war Mod Apk. Following the storyline, the Ark of the War Mod Apk is based on the scenario where due to population it has become the compulsion of humans to leave the planet earth.

Ark of War Mod Apk

Ark of War Mod Apk

For this purpose, they leave earth’s planet and went into the universe where extraterritorial communities were waiting for humans to end up human civilization and rule over the world.

These territorial societies have the intention to rule over the entire universe including the earth planet. With this intention they have invaded the universe and started attacking the fleet of humans just arrived in the universe.

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Ratings 4.2
Size 109 MB
Total Downloads 5 M+
Version 3.3.2
Updated on 18 February 2022
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Story mode

Ark of War

Ark of War

The Ark of War Mod Apk is based on the story mode, where first the overcrowded situation in the earth will be narrated in an animated story.

Afterward, the chaos in the universe where the other civilization is invading the humans and making their ways towards the earth planet will be narrated to the player.

The purpose of narrating the story is to make the user understand how crucial time the earth planet going through and being the player of this epic game they are the only hope of people on the earth.

Epic Fight

Other civilizations are not only invading the humans but they are invading the aliens too, because the universe is the home of aliens they have been civilized there for decades.

But due to the miser nature of the other civilization, they are killing and doing war with all civilizations including humans and aliens too.

So aliens and humans fight together on behalf of their fleet to conquer space and to free up space to start their civilization there from the start. And this is the only hope for humans and aliens to save their species.

Sail in Universe

You and your fleet will sail in the universe like in the ocean. Your spaceships will never return to the earth again. It will be like do or die situation.

Planning strategies, implementing there the best strategy, conquering the universe all of the decisions will be taken in the space sailing in the ship.

Just imagine how thrilling it will be there to plan your next strategy in the epic war and fight. This is the beauty of this game.


Upgrade your sail ship and the armed forces to be ready every time to fight against the other civilization. Making your armed force equipped with the best, strong, and powerful weapons makes them stay firm in the war.

The enemy you will have to fight with will be powerful enough to provide damage to you, your fleet, and the spaceship you are living in.

Charge your army at the best positions and location that they can defend against any attack by the enemies and respond to them at the right time.


From sailing the spaceship to fighting against the enemy in space, every control over the game is quite easy and even the non-technical user will play this game with more ease.


Ark of War Mod Apk is all about sailing and conquering the universe to save the earth’s planet. As the earth planet is getting worse to live in. You will enjoy every second spent in this game.

With its amazing 3D graphics it seems like any high-budgeted Hollywood movie in space. And yes it is totally worth playing it.