War and Order Mod

Build our fantasy empire, with amazing graphics and the real players around the world. Play game with your built strategies.

War and Order Mod Apk is all about strategies. It is the perfect fusion of tactics and real-time strategies. It will make you learn strategies for tower defense and building a castle.

War and Order Mod Apk

War and Order Mod Apk

It has been rewarded as the recommendation worldwide by google. Command 3D medieval world game by raising a massive army.

Clash with real layers army that has joined this game virtually. Battle against players to become the most powerful king ever in history.

The more wisely you will use the strategies more chances you to become the powerful king in the allies.

Additional Information

Name War and Order
Ratings 4.2
Size 270 MB
Total Downloads 10 M+
Version Latest
Updated on 18 February 2022
Category Games
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War and Order

War and Order


Train over 50 fantasy soldiers and recruit them. These soldiers will be your power. The more wisely you will recruit the higher chances of your victory will be.

Build buildings, castles, and dungeons for your soldier so they can stay thereby protecting your territory. Building for soldiers will provide a place for hiding so they can get back in charge to the enemies after being attack.

Build Tower

All allies will have their territory tower indicating the power and hold of the king. The first job of your soldier will be to protect the tower of your empire. Charge them with strategies so they can protect the tower too.


While constructing and building tons of soldiers get they become more and more powerful by the weapons. The weapons being used for the soldiers can be upgraded too.

With cutting edge upgrade your weapon and the army so they can easily chargeback against the enemies after being attacked by them.


Build your alliance with the recruited powerful tons of soldiers. Also, build your alliance with the real-time online players in the game. Play together use different tactics and strategies by both of you but never trust anyone blindly.

Share resources with each other, use each other army protect each other emperor as a friend but still keep an eye over your friend too. Because this game is all about to-do or dire situations. Completely relying upon anyone can lead to the ruining of the empire.


Not just building the castles and the emperor this game will lead you to explore the new territories. Build your territory there and grow your strength. The army that will discover new lands will owe those lands they will build their castle and army there.


The bright colors and the animations area ways supporting the graphics of this game. War and Order Mod Apk is known to be a worldwide popular game because of its graphics and the detailing of the game.

Every time you will be charged against the army or building the castles you will be narrated the tips and tricks that you can use to become a powerful one in the entire world.


Although there are many options for building castles game over the google play store still there are a lot of unique features that War and Order Mod Apk will provide you. From graphics to building and upgrading the weapon this game is loaded with lots of rich features too.

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