Zombie Shooter Mod

Be the world savor by killing the carnage of the zombies. Zombies Shooter Mod Apk is like the killing of zombies in the carnage. It will be like a kill or get killed situation.

Zombie Shooter Mod Apk

Zombie Shooter Mod Apk

If you want to stay alive and want to be the sole survivor then kill the zombies on the way without showing pity.

These zombies have killed your friends, family members, and the entire city has been ruined by the zombies you are the only survivor in your city. Make your way out of the affected city by killing the zombies with your powerful guns.

Following the story mode will get the task which you will be asked to accomplish within the specified amount of time to earn enough coins and to be the survivor.

Additional Information

Name Zombie Shooter
Ratings 4.6
Total Downloads 1 M+
Version Latest
Updated on 19 February 2022
Offered by Sigma Team
Category Games
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Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter

Game Story

The Zombie Shooter Mod Apk is followed by the story mode which will narrate the entire situation that just happened before. You will watch a narration video that will make you understand the entire situation of the game and what worst situation just happened in the city.

And why are you here in the game? Your purpose in the game will be narrated before starting any stage in the game and you will be told about the assigned task of you in the story mode too.


With a global map, you can track your character. With the mapping feature, you will get your location directly and can be guided up to your marked location that is towards a safe location.


Zombie Shooter Weapons

Zombie Shooter Weapons

You will be rewarded with powerful weapons that you can change and switch at any time in the game. From guns to powerful grenades every weapon will have its power and can be used according to the situation in the game.

Zombie Carnage

You will meet zombie carnage in the game that is more than 100 zombies will attack over you and you will have to survive under such conditions. Use your weapons wisely to kill the zombie in the front rows to make your way out of the carnage.

Zombies will be providing you harm by scratching over your body with sharp nails it will be leading continuously towards the healthy falling of the character and eventually a time will come when your character will lose all of its health and the game will have to exit.


You will find out many modes in the game and you can select any of your choices too. From Campaign, survivor, to gun stand select any mode as per your abilities and the grip over the game. Use your skills wisely and play with tactics.


Besides guns, you will be rewarded with the game booster-like grenade and powerful weapons that will kill the entire carnage of the zombies. These boosters will let you kill the entire strands of the zombies you are fighting with.


Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter Mod Apk is the best zombies killing application that you will find over the google play store so far. By checking the reviews of the players of this game you will surely get to know how rich features this mobile game is.

It provides the same interface and thrill that one can expect from any high-end budget game on PC or the gaming console.

It works as the alternative to the PC Consoles shooting game and will provide you same thrilling interface that you can find over the Gaming PC.