Death Road to Canada

Full of randomly occurring events this game is loaded with fun and amusements. Death Road to Canada Apk is an RPG game having random road trips.

Death Road to Canada Apk

Death Road to Canada Apk

The storyline of the game is about the attack of zombies on the planet earth and the only place to survive in Canada so it is the road trips of some crazy friends from Florida to Canada for the sake of their survival. Note Mod version of this game is also available to download.

There will be a massive attack of zombies during the road trip so you and your friends have to encounter that attack of zombies, be attacking from every angle because you will be charged against the zombies and they will be attacking from all angles.

This RPG game is full of fun and it seems quite funny how your character and its friends will charge against the zombies.

Nothing will be planned every time getting into the game will give new them and storyline thus making it like a new game being played.

Additional Information

Name Death Road to Canada
Size 80 MB
Version Latest
Ratings 4.4
Total Downloads 50 K+
Updated on 19 February 2022
Category Games
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Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada

Random Story

As mentioned nothing is pre-planned, everything will be generated randomly. So every time you will open Death Road to Canada Apkyou will see the different interfaces with different characters and the storyline.

So you cannot tell what’s going to happen next because on the generation of random events nothing can be predicted earlier.

Paid Game

Also, the game is not available for free downloading you have to pay some negotiable amount before the installation of the game.

And this amount will be the first and the last amount that you will pay for this game because later this game will not ask you for any in-app purchases to buy and to be paid any amount for that.

Game Controller

Also, this game can be played on widescreen with an emulator if you do not want to play it on mobile you can use the emulator to play this game on the widescreen,

But for that you will require a hardware controller to control your character in the game, that video controller will be essential for that.


Once your encounter zombies you will be required to have any best weapon that can be selected from the library of the game to kill the zombies.

Every weapon will have its features and power select one according to the battle mode, if you think many zombies are attacking you at once you can use a flame thrower to burn them all at once.

Similarly, battle-ax, hockey, wizard staff-like weapons will be used according to the scenario of you are going through.


During an encounter with the zombies try to find the vehicle as soon as possible because this is the only safe way to be protected from the zombies, later you can crush zombies with your vehicle.

Also if there will be many zombies attacking you collectively you can leave your vehicle and can explode your vehicle by exploding it there will be a huge killing of zombies with one explosion.


If you love playing games having interfaces like Minecraft one then you should give it a try to this Death Road to Canada Apk. This game has the most interesting interface ever where you have to give more concentration to your character’s survival.

Also randomly generation of events makes this gam super excited as you cannot predict what’s going to happen in the next stage. Make your trips towards Canada along with your friends to be sure about your survival.