Pixel Starships Mod

You have played many starships games in which you are always asked to build your emperor with your army.

What if you asked to build your emperor in space using your army of Anime? Pixel Starships Mod Apk is about conquering the space and universe with the most popular Anime characters.

Pixel Starships Mod Apk

Pixel Starships Mod Apk

Those Anime characters will be your army and will support you in war with your opponents in space.

The basic idea of the game is about conquering space but still, it will provide really illusion of any animated Anime fiction movie.

Every spaceship in the game has the most detailed graphics and everything is explained through the guidepost so you will not have a tough time understanding the basic logic behind this game.

Additional Information

Name Pixel Starship
Size 54 MB


Version Latest
Total Downloads 1M+
Updated on 19 February 2022
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Pixel Starships

Pixel Starships

Build Starship

If you want to conquer a battle in-universe build your starship with all equipment to make your opponents defeated. Your built starship will put a great impact on the progress of the game so be sure about the very basic details of the ship.

Once you are done with building your space ship check every detail of it later by implementing the Ai commands.

Real Players 

You can add any real; player around the world to play this game, make that added friend your opponent, and start the battle with him.

Playing with your real opponent makes this game worth playing and quite interesting too. All you have to do is to add any opponent via link so your friend once tapping on the link will join you in this thrilling game.

AI commands

Also, the Pixel Starships Mod Apk well-developed game is based on AI commands, just give any command to your fleet they will surely going to respond over it as it has the best AI ever.

Build Strategy

You are asked to build strategies in the initial levels of the game so it will not give you a tough time in the succeeding stages of the game. As you will be pro in strategy making and this can help you in the succeeding stages of the game too.

Because the whole game depends upon strategies, one who will build the best strategy will surely be the winner. Because in the tough environment of the space strategies will win for sure.

Use resources

Use your best available resources, if you will do so there will be higher chances of you winning the game for sure. Available resources mean the available weapons, starships, and the fleet too.

These are the basic elements of the game that will let you win the game in the succeeding stages too. To learn strategies to use your available resources.

Live Animation

Also, this game has the most detailed and realistic animation ever, it will really make you addicted to playing this game on repeat for sure.


No doubt there is a long list of star war games on the google play store, but the unique key success feature of this Pixel Starships Mod Apk is its graphics and animation.

If you are a lover of anime movies then we personally highly suggest this game as it gives the illusion of the Anime animated movie more than the mobile game.

So after reading the features and main highlights of the game if you want to download it, you are welcome to do so because we will provide you an authentic source of downloading.