Galaxy Reavers Mod

If you are a lover of galaxy fighting games with customizable ships then galaxy Reavers Mod Apk is definitely for you.

You will find an opportunity to have a battle in space with your fleet and the space ships. Every ship will have its features and powers which will lead you to conquer the war. Note: The latest version is Galaxy Reavers 2 is also available.

Galaxy Reavers Mod Apk

Galaxy Reavers Mod Apk

Also, the intense graphics of this application gives the illusion of the simulator more than a mobile game. You will enjoy every part of this game.

No matter you are in a fight or customizing your space ship every feature of this game is quite interesting and gives more learning.

As you will learn basic tactics of space war and will learn more and more strategies with every succeeding stage.

Well, there is much more to speak about this game but we have added some main highlights of this game in this article so stay tuned with us.

Additional Information

Name Galaxy Reavers
Ratings 4.4
Size 134 MB
Updated on 18 February 2022
Offered by Good Games LLC.
Version 1.2.22
Category Games
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Galaxy Reavers

Galaxy Reavers

Conquer Galaxy

As main theme and idea of this mobile game are to conquer the galaxy with the rest of your teammates to build your emperor in space. Your first task will be to conquer the galaxy by fighting against your opponents.

Your opponents will be stronger and powerful but you have to learn the tactics and the strategies of the game first so you found this game quite easy and easy to conquer against the enemies.

3D Graphics

The graphics of this Galaxy Reavers Mod Apk is completely 3D based you will found it like a highly budgeted Hollywood movie more than a mobile game.

It is quite funny and amusing to play this game on the widescreen of the mobile phone, as its graphics are considered to be the key feature of its success.

Game Control

Imagine controlling the high-end space ships against powerful opponents by using your fingertips. Also, the rest of the controls of the games are very easy to understand and you will be provided with the guideposts every time you will get into a new stage of the game.

Similarly, in the initial stages, the whole storyline will be narrated through the guideposts and you will be provided wot some tips and tricks which will later let you conquer the quest easily.


Although you will be provided with a huge range of space ships having their powers and tools still you will found an option to build your customizable spaceship from the scratch.

So make sure to put all of the learned strategies in the building of the space ship and the spaceship is the only weapon that will assist you throughout the war.

Construct Fleets

Besides the building of your spacecraft, you will be asked to build your own fleet for the war with the opponents.

As you will be playing with your teammates against your opponents so be careful while choosing your teammates as your fleet.


Also, the highest number of positive ratings shows how much people adore this game and nine of them have shown any privacy concern so far.


After reading the entire article no doubt you are cleared up about the best features and the storyline of this thrilling war game. So if you are looking for an authentic source get into the installation of this game so here we are.

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