Battlelands Royale Mod

Different battle royale games have been built in the past couple of years. With PUBG and Free-fire taking the lead in the mobile gaming field. These games are packed with the best action sequences and the latest weapons that you can’t imagine of. Today the game on which I am going to talk about is also a battle royale game but is very different from these famous games, and the name of the game is the Battlelands MOD APK.

battlelands royale mod apk

battlelands royale mod apk

Now, what is Battlelands MOD? It is a battle royale game where you have to land on a map with 100 other players and fight with them with your guns and remain alive till the end to be the best among all.

Now the different and unique thing about this game is that it comes up with a top-down viewing angle and you have different playing characters. All of these playing characters have different special powers and skills. You can start with the basic character and can advance to the other ones by unlocking them.

Although the Battlelands Royale MOD APK is a weapon fighting game it is not chaotic as it seems. The visuals are relaxing and the game itself is very fun and peaceful. You can play it with your friends and spend quality time discovering the maps of the game.

Additional Information

Size 117 MB
Version v2.9.0
Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 14 January 2022
Price Free
Category Games
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The gameplay of this Battlelands Royale MOD APK is the same as the other battle royale games where you land on a map with the other 99 players and your main task is to collect different weapons on a first come first collect basis and then find and kill all the other players to earn points. In the mission of killing others make sure you stay alive till the end to be declared as the winner of the game.

Now this game is very fun to play as it has small playing cartoon-style characters. These characters are of different kinds. Each of these characters has its own set of abilities. So whichever character you will chose, you will have a different power to play with.

The viewing angle of the game is top-down and the game is very simple with no complex features. You only have to land and find the weapons scattered on the different parts of the map. After that, you can defend yourself by killing other players. When you are playing on a specific map, you also have the option to drive different cars and enjoy.

You can play the game either solo or team up with your friends. Apart from the casual playing mode, you also have different other playing modes where you can play in different scenarios and you will have different tasks to accomplish.


battlelands mod apk

battlelands mod apk

Some of the main features of this Battlelands Royale MOD APK are listed below in this article.

Multiple Characters

The game features different sorts of characters to play with. Now, these characters not only have different skins but unlike other games, they have different skillsets and powers. The powers of each character differ from one another. You can unlock these special characters in the game by playing the game more often and collecting coins and rewards.


The weapons in the game are also very cool. A variety of cool weapons are scattered on the map. When you land you have to find your desired weapon with whom you will play.


The maps of the game are also well designed and there are multiple maps in the game. You can explore these maps on the cars which you can drive in the game.

Top view

The game has a top viewing angle which makes the characters look small like minions. These beautiful visuals are very relaxing and as being a war game, instead of giving chaotic feels this game gives you a feeling of relaxation.


If you want to try a new and unique battle royale game then the Battlelands MOD APK is the game that you must download. Our modded version of the game has unlocked characters and resources which you can use for free in the game.