Black Desert Mobile Mod

Open world adventure games are so popular as they provide a chance to explore the whole 3d world from just sitting on your sofa. The action that you can do while exploring the open-world game is unmatchable along with the stunning graphics and the best storyline that can make the game so popular. The Black Desert Mobile Mod APK is an action-style adventure game and more importantly, you will get unlimited money with this version.

black desert mobile mod apk

black desert mobile mod apk

The Black Desert Mobile is the mini and portable version of the PC game. Due to its high demand and huge fan base, the developers decided to launch it on mobile devices. The game has a lot of playing options. From character generation to customization, 3d open world to the well-written storyline, from different warriors to the breathtaking fights, all are possible in this game.

The game allows you to generate your character and customize it in a variety of ways. The customization options include skin color changing, hair color changing, height, and body type adjustments, fighting styles and power-ups, etc. These all options somehow require you have a certain amount of gold, which you can earn in the game.

The players of the Black Desert Mobile Mod APK are from over 150 countries with a huge fan base. There are 5 different types of characters available in this game. Each has a separate role. The multiplayer mode is also available.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 19 February 2022
Category Games
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The Black Desert Mobile Mod APK is an open world PVP and PVE style game having stunning graphics and a well crafted vast playing open world. The NPCs and the surrounding are also well designed. The controls of the game are also very easy to learn and will not take you enough time to get used to.

Talking about the playing of the game then you have multiple playing modes. You can either fight against other people in the open-world game or you can also take part in different raiding scenarios on each player.

The characters are divided into 5 main classes, meaning you have 5 different characters to play with. The characters include Titan, Huntress, Paladin, Knight, and Hashashin. The last one was not in the PC version. All of these characters have their unique ability and superpowers and fight differently.

These characters can be customized in a variety of ways according to you. You can change the style of the character, the hair color, skin color, body shape, and height, and a lot more things are available for you to customize.

For each player, you get 8 different power ability cells which you can add to your screen and fill with the 8 different kinds of special powers that can be used by the character while fighting.


black desert mobile

black desert mobile

The features of the Black Desert Mobile Mod APK are given below

Five different Characters

In the PC version of the game, you had 4 different players to play with. The good news about this game is that a 5th player has been added to the initial list of 4 players. All of these characters are different from each other and can play a huge part in your victory.

8 different power cells

For each different character, you get 8 different power cells. In these power cells, you can add them to your playing screen and fill them with 8 different abilities of the character. These 8 different abilities will be used by the player while fighting with the enemies.

Camp Building

We all know that this is a fighting game with an open-world arena. But apart from that if you feel too relaxed and chill and stay away from the action fighting, you can make your camp at a safe side and chill doing some peaceful activities.

Customize your character

You can customize tour selected characters the way you want as you customize in King Of Avalon and Rise of kingdoms. Make it aesthetically beautiful and upgrade its features and add accessories to it. These all things require gold that you can earn by winning the games and accomplishing the tasks provided to you.


The Black Desert Mobile Mod APK is the best open-world fighting game available for mobile devices. With its extensive features and breathtaking graphics, it is among the games that I would like you to try out.