Castle Story Mod

The story of the game revolves around a princess named Alice, whose job is to reconstruct the old castle she was living in. She was royal and was supposed to rehabilitate the castle and improve the living condition of the people of the castle.

Castle Story Mod Apk

Castle Story Mod Apk

Castle Story Mod Apk is a story game, where a beautiful princess Alice will be using her magic spells to recreate her palace. Her castle was demolished and there will be rubbles of concrete and broken furniture everywhere.

Her task will be to collect all those rubbles and recreate the castle, her job will be to bring prosperity back to the castle and make it renew with all new items that are from furniture to the lavish lifestyle. Help her to make the surrounding of the castle look nice and clean again.

Additional Information

Name Castle Story Puzzle & Choice
Ratings 4.4
Size 181 MB
Total Downloads 5 M+
Version 1.39.1
Updated on 19 February 2022
Category Games
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Castle Story

Castle Story

Story Mode

As mentioned the entire story revolves around the story of the beautiful and charming princess named Alice. The story will be narrated through the guide post first and the narrator will narrate the story of Alice and the castle that it became scared.

Because the castle Alice living is once prosperous and full of life but due to some reasons king and queen left it so it became sacred. Alice returned to her castle to make it look better and back to life.

Renovate Castle

Help Alice to renovate the castle using her magic spells, help her to find a mad match the missing pieces of the furniture to reuse it in the interior of the castle.

Find Secrets

Also while renovating the castle dig through the castle’s secrets and reveal the truth behind them. Those secrets will help you to make the renovation better and to make the castle caretaker-free.

In short this building and renovation game is full of thrill that will provide you a fun way to build and reveal secrets at the same time.


To purchase any item in the game you will need to have enough coins to purchase it in exchange for, so to collect many coins in the game you need to play mini-games which you can choose and skip too.

Those mini-games will be matching and puzzle-solving games every technique first will be narrated and later on completion of the task in the game coins will be added to your account and you can later use them to buy items for your castle.

Swap Furniture

On purchasing any new item for the castle you will find the color swapping and style swapping feature too.

For instance, you want to purchase a new couch for the room in the castle once collecting t you will find out many options. You can simply swap between the options ad select your choice.


With dozen of customization ideas make your castle interior and exterior look charming and clean. That customization idea will let you completely change the entire look of the castle.

Interior Design

You will be asked later to help princes to make the renovation of each person’s living room, with multiple ideas of renovation of the rooms you have to make every room look distinct from each other.

So select color code and the furniture different and unique from each other this will let you make the palace so elegant and lavish.


Castle Story Mod Apk is all about the renovation of the castle where you will be helping Princess Alice. No doubt the attractive storyline of this game makes it worth downloading and playing as players of this game always share their positive reviews about it.