Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon ball xenoverse 2 apk is the sequel of dragon ball xenoverse. Dragon ball xenoverse 2 is a computer game that requires an emulator to play on android. But with the help of this apk, you now need no emulator to play the game on your android phone. You can directly download the apk and play the game without verification

Dragon ball xenoverse 2 apk

Dragon ball xenoverse 2 apk

This game is the most popular game among anime lovers and especially the favorite of the Dragon ball z fans. The game lies under the category of adventure and fighting game, which allows you to make your character and then play along with the storyline, fighting your way to accomplishing missions that you are given.

The game story is based on this thing that the timeline is messed up and you along with your characters are given a mission to go on an adventure and help the time patrollers in fixing the timeline. The has a vast range of characters and you can create your character as well.

Dragon ball xenoverse 2 apk comes in 2 modes, online and offline. In online mode, you can play with other professional players from all over the world and in offline mode, you can fight with the computer opponent.

Additional Information

Name Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
File Size 172MB
Required Android 4.0 and Up
Ratings 4+
Price Free
Updated on 19 February 2022
Category Games
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Dragon ball xenoverse 2

Dragon ball xenoverse 2

The game is based on 3d fighting. The character creation in the game is very complex because you have too many options to choose from. Also if you are thinking that the combat will be easy then that is not the case. You have to practice to improve your gameplay. The best thing about Dragon ball xenoverse 2 apk is that you can explore the different forms of your characters and can transition into them as you play the game.

These forms include Humans, Saiyans, Majins, Namekians, and Frieza’s.

Apart from playing offline, you can fight with real players in online mode. The game also has a training mode in it in which you can explore the fighting styles of your character and can try out and practice the attacks.


As this is a computer game that is now available on android phones so Dragon ball xenoverse 2 apk has many cool and engaging features that I will discuss below in this article.

No Emulator needed

The first and foremost feature of this game is that as in many computer games, we need some sort of emulator to play them on our smartphones. But this is not the case here as you can play this game without any kind of emulator with ease on your smartphones.

Offline Mode

You can play the game in offline mode where you can fight and play along with the storyline of the game. You will get many locations and arenas to fight against the computer opponent.

Online Mode

If you don’t like them to play in offline mode you can fight with real competitive players in the online mode. You can fight them in the air with some strong MMA fighting styles.

Huge Character Collection

You will get to play with a vast library of the dragon ball z characters. And if you want to make your character, you get too many customization options to select from. The power-ups and special powers are also present in redundant amounts.


Concluding the Dragon ball xenoverse 2 apk, I will say that this is the best game for the people who want a mix of MMA-style fights and an adventure sequence to follow with. The vast collection of Dragon Ball Z characters also makes this game the first choice of anime and Dragon ball Z lovers.