Empires and Allies Mod

You might have played many fighting and building emperor games but Empires and Allies Mod Apk is no doubt best among all.

Empires and Allies Mod Apk

Empires and Allies Mod Apk

This game will allow you to build your castle and fight for your castle at once. While building you have to work on the defense system of your castle too.

Because the enemy will be watching every step of your development and will be eagerly waiting to charge against your emperor from the weakest point. So along with the development of the castle work on the defense system of the castle too.

There will be loads of features and powers that you will come to know in the game gradually with every succeeding stage but before that, you have to learn all the tactics of the game.

With every passing stage, you will surely learn new tactics of survival.

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Empires and Allies

Size 111 MB
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Updated on 7 20 May 2021
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Empires and Allies

Empires and Allies

Modern War

This beautifully designed game will let you implement all modern tactics of war. If you think the game will be like that old battleground where you and your opponent will be charging against watch other using swords etc.

No this is wrong you will be using all the new tactics and weapons that people use in the modern war, so it will give a really fun way to have a battle in a modern way.

Build Weapon

Building new modern weapons for the game has not been so easy ever as this game will provide you with easy and funny ways to do so.

You will learn all the basic steps to build your all-new modern weapons of the game that will assist you in the war further. Building modern weapons will also let you fight for your territory with more confidence. You built weapons that will be used by your army for your defense system.

Alliance war

Also, you can join the alliance around the world, as many real players will be playing this Empires and Allies Mod Apk throughout the world you can charge your army against them using Alliance mode.

On taping on any location showing the alliance of the other players around the world you and your army will directly face the real abate; for the sake of the land.

You and your opponents will fight in the real mode thus it will give fun and amusement while fighting against your real enemy in the game.

Design Army

Also, you will have a free hand over the designing and assembling of your army and the fleet. Recruit them according to the need of you. Your army will accept all commands of you so be sure to use the right command at the right time.

As there will be the danger of the opponents attack every time your one wrong decision can let you lose your territory in the hands of the opponents as they always wanted to snatch the piece of land from you to increase the territory.

So before they attack you, command your army and change against your opponents to get land from them to increase the vast of your land too.


The battlefield of this game is so realistic and well-developed everything on the screen has the most detailed graphics ever, you will watch everything in more detail in the battleground once on taping that object.


No doubt building and developing the game at the same time really sounds good, so if you are really looking for a versatile game to try you should give Empires and Allies Mod Apk a try once you will surely get addicted to it.