FS 20 Indian Tractor Mod

If you are a farmer or love farming in any sense then this game is going to be your favorite one. Being a farming simulation game, the FS 20 Indian Tractor Mod Apk covers all the aspects of farming so that you get the real sense and feel of farming in a virtual environment.

Game Overview

FS 20 Indian Tractor Mod Apk

FS 20 Indian Tractor Mod Apk

Farming is such a thing that brings us close to nature. It is a healthy activity and it energizes a human being. But in this busy modern world, it has become very difficult for us to even do farming for even one day.

But we all have that instinct to love farming despite doing it. And this game is here to fulfill your desire for farming in every sense possible. You are going to be doing various farming activities from building huts to raising animals to grow crops and driving trucks and other vehicles.

Additional Information

Requires Android
7.0 and up
Downloads 500,000+
Size 470 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 14 May 2023
Category Games
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FS 20 Indian Tractor Gameplay

FS 20 Indian Tractor Mod Apk

FS 20 Indian Tractor Mod Apk

The gameplay of this amazing farming simulator game only consists of farming. You will have a character using which you have to do various activities at your farm in the FS 20 Indian Tractor Mod Apk. The activities mainly include growing all different types of crops using a tractor.

And when there a tractor there are many types of them available with different parts that can be upgraded in it. There is also a horse that you can ride to take a look at your farm.

Raising animals and livestock is also another activity that lies inside the gameplay of this game. You will raise different animals and will extract meaningful resources from them that are going to profit you and your farm.

FS 20 Indian Tractor Features

FS 20 Indian Tractor

FS 20 Indian Tractor

A feature-rich game related to farming is here for you to enjoy. Many highlights of this game are there to be discussed. But major ones are written below.

Drive A Tractor In Indian Style

If you ever wanted to drive an Indian-styled tractor then today is your chance. There are plenty of Indian-style tractors that you can drive. More not only driving but customizing and upgrading your tractor using many options are also possible here in this game.

Grow Many Crops

Farming is all about growing crops and a farmer does not only relies on a limited number of crops. He tries to grow as many types of these crops as possible. So as a farmer in this FS 20 Indian Tractor Mod Apk, you have the challenge to grow as many crops on your farm as possible. This will not only make you rich but you will also learn about different crops.

Raise Animals And Livestock

Raising animals and livestock is also what farmers are supposed to do. They feed them and raise them so this game will give you a chance to do all of that with ease. You will have the option to raise sheep, cows, buffaloes, chickens, goats, etc.

Extract Resources From Animals

Any animal in the farms can be used to gain profits. They either give you meat or a product. Lie chicken can give you meat as well as eggs. Whereas goats and cows ill give you meat along with milk. Sheep will be used to extract wool from them.

Sell In The Market

Whether you are growing crops or you are raising animals and collecting different types of resources from them, you can sell all of these things in the market. This will allow you to gain money that can be reinvested in the farm.

Ride A Horse

Another unique option that the game provides is that it gives you a chance to ride a horse. You can ride a horse owned by you around your farm and see all the operations going on.


Whether it is growing crops or raising different animals or driving a tractor and customizing its looks, all the things are related to farming and they give the players a sense of real farming. So all of these things and more can be found in the FS 20 Indian Tractor Mod Apk. So don’t wait and download the game right now.